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For Sale – Tech Diving Website in Thailand

Website offered for sale

Established website (15 years old) with impressive amounts of daily visitors and regular stream of enquiries via email is offered for sale £5950 ($9200 / €6950)

You will acquire an established website that contains 341 pages uniquely created with  unique / relevant content that is optimised for the Phuket / tech market, has regular and  established website visitors and tech enquiries Please enquire to see the latest website / optimisation report for the website as well as the Analytics report to show the visitor numbers.

The offer for the purchase of the website:

1 Transfer code / database / ownership to domains (100% owned by buyer to be put in your name / under your control)

2 Full review of the site provided (the webesite currently looks and works perfectly)

3 Any cosmetic changes completed free of charge (images / text )

4 Includes 2 years free hosting / support.

1 List of website pages / links to pages