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IDC and Diving questions / worries

Random selection of recent enquiries that could help if you are thinking about similar things:

Q1 I’m emailing regarding scuba diving courses. Both me and my friend are currently teaching English in Taiwan, but we wan’t to leave the country and move to Thailand. We would love to do our scuba diving training through PADI, but we don’t really have the finances for that. Does PADI offer any in-service training, where you train with them and work for them after the training is done? We are not that up-to-date with dive physics and think this would help us.

If yes, will you be so kind to assist me with the necessary information? Any info will do. We come from South-Africa but we’re currently living in Taiwan. Thank you for your time.

A2 There are a lot of teachers that decide to take up diving and train to become an Instructor but its rare to find a Dive centre that can offer you any worthwhile free training, I suggest you save some money and pay for the courses as normal and in that time you can perfect your dive theory.

Q2 I would like to do a 1-day diving tour on December 6th as a beginner diver (Scuba Discover). Is this date available and if so what dive locations and what is the rate? Thank you, also if I like this diving can I go on to become a Divemaster as I like the idea of teaching diving

A2 Wow, you are keen, get yourself on are Discover Scuba experience and then see if you like it, becoming a Divemaster involves lots of work, time and passion and the first step is to see if you enjoy diving enough to be able to invest the time and effort into it.

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