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PADI Divemaster and IDC Revision DVD

Recently had someone that was confused about where to play this DVD, here is the full and amusing conversation:

[PADI Divemaster] this must be a joke, the PADI IDC revision DVD that I thought I was purchasing is nothing more that a made out copy of a cd-rom with a bunch of pictures of fish, this is not the idc guide that you promised, look at the sale page that you have and look at what you send me, this is terrible, I want my money back.

[IDC Guide] Are you looking at the disk on your TV DVD player? that’s probably your problem. You have a DVD not a CD, this DVD can be viewed in entirety on your PC, there is all the documents, videos and images on it as advertised, trust us you have the real DVD. Have emailed you about this and please be assured we are the world authority on revision for the PADI DM and IDC courses and exams so we are very much not a joke 🙂 This computer DVD represents years and years of research and puts together the best collection of revision documents available along with videos (skills) and categorised marine life images for your information. If any document is corrupted I can email you all the documents (there is about 20 I think ).

[PADI Divemaster] Thank you for answer, maybe if i sounded angry is because I was, I was expecting a lot of this DVD and when I put it on my DVD player I couldn’t believe it, but let’s go in parts, you are telling me that what i have is a DVD, so then why i can’t play it on my dvd player?, why I have to use a computer to see it?

[IDC Guide] Hi sorry for confusion the only way to ensure all the diagrams / photos / pictures / documents and videos can be viewed is to have this DVD viewed on your computer. Commonly we suggest people copy the documents from the DVD to their computer to make viewing them quick / easy. There really is no other way to make all the content viewable in one place. Even though nobody has raised a concern about this before we shall think about making this clearer on the website and in the emails we send. Hope that’s acceptable to you, good luck and happy revising.

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