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PADI Course Director Training Course

The pinnacle of your PADI Professional career will be the PADI Course Director Training Course (CDTC) but what do you actually do on the course and how to you apply?

To start with you need to have been PADI Master Instructor for at least 6 month prior to the course date and an EFRIT prior to the CDTC application date. As well as having no verified QAs within the last 12 months prior to application.

You then make an application to go on this course and have an interview with a PADI representative from your regional training department, during the interview you should be prepared to talk about Your business plan, your experience in your region, your goals and your ideas. You should create a business plan of how you are going to use your new qualification and get this approved by your Regional Manager. Your CDTC application is assessed by the CDTC Selection Committee. If successful at this application you will also need to take your CDTC exams prior to the course (at any Instructor Examination). In general on the actual course the applicant starts by completing several online presentations as well as knowledge reviews and a Course Director level SS&P exam. The actual CDTC lasts 9 days and consists of a mixture of live presentations from the staff, hands on workshops in class, confined water and open water as well as evaluation training and presentations from the candidates.

I nearly forgot it costs a lot (over USD $8000) so you need to be serious about this course.

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