IDC Guide

PADI suggested promotions

All Course Director Applications must now include your thoughts / goals on the following promotional activities:

Develop and implement marketing campaigns
Host at least 3 Go Pro nights in your facility
Insure your staff are familiar with the PADI IDC if they get an enquiry about it.
Try to ensure some of your OWSI students continue their PADI education with the MSDT Prep course.
Network with your local Colleges and Universities.
Create a Facebook and Twitter account and blog about your activities.

Enhance your online presence
Optimize your website and maximize its search engine ranking with the result of being in the top 5 by next year.*
Add Facebook and Twitter links to your website.

*This is a bit vague as being in the top 5 means nothing, you should concentrate on a wide range of search terms specific to your website / business and concentrate on increasing visitor numbers.

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