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Dive today – Make it special

Here is some wise thoughts for PADI Instructors

Remember that time is the biggest hurdle standing between potential divers and diving. Not only does this mean that flexible scheduling and independent study will be increasingly important in diver training, it also drives a desire for immediate experience. People with limited leisure time do not want to waste that time getting to the experience they want. Stress that customers will be diving immediately (in the pool or confined water) as they learn to dive today.

Hint: As experienced divers, we tend not to think of the pool as diving, but your students do. The first times underwater on scuba are exciting for them. So call the confined water sessions pool dives instead of pool training. Think like a beginner. Using the Adventure Log at the end of these sessions will reinforce that pool dives are real dives and establish the use of log books from day one.

Other terms you may want to use are “student diver” instead of just “student” and “discussion” or “review” instead of class or academic session. With independent study, these discussions should be more casual and move quickly.

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