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Divemaster and Instructor Work Requests

We get lots of Instructors emailing us requesting work and normally dont publish them but here are some that I can put you in contact with if they sound like someone you could employ as a Dive Instructor:

1, I am looking for employment within your dive centre. Hope you take the time to read my profile and even if you are not interested or have nothing to offer me at this time please can you keep it on record and consider me for any position that does become available as I am willing to relocate for a position.

Have been living in Bali as a Intern Instructor , am currently working at Pulau Tioman in Malaysia as an instructor and I am currently seeking for a full time or freelance position back in Bali.  In addition, I am punctual, hard worker, a good team player and very motivated. Funny and always ready to give the best diving experiences to customers. I have shop management skills as well as hotel and hospitality skills and willing to get equipment maintenance & repair experience in the future and also from leaving the British Army I get £6000 to spend on courses over a ten year period which im willing to spend on more instructor courses or more technical courses like boat handling etc .

I consider myself an easy-going person mature person and someone that likes to make other’s work easy. Also, I can work under pressure and able to get the job done with no fuss but also likes to have fun as well.

To conclude, I have a very strong feeling for the environment and would like to help marine conservation programs as much as I can, such as turtle care & release, reef checks, Bio-rock, U/W & Land clean-ups, mooring lines and coral nursery.

2, I’m 30 years old and I live in Sweden. I am very interested in what you have to offer.

Last summer I acquired my PADI Dive Master during a 5 months internship on Kos, Greece ata  Dive Center that is a  boat based diving center that sails out 6 days a week with up to 80 till 100 people. I started my internship as an AOWD with 16 dives. At this moment my dive total is 150.

During the first 3 months I got my EFR, Rescue Diver and Dive Master certificates. The last 2 months I worked as a full Dive Master. While working with them, I got lots of experience with guiding groups of qualified divers, assisting on PADI courses and doing DSDs. Besides this my job required a lot of skin diving and doing guided snorkelling tours. Another part of the job on the boat was to take care of the people on board, give briefings, give out equipment and selling second dives, PADI courses and pictures we took during the dives that day. I’ve also been involved in Project AWARE Clean-up day while working for them.

Something I really liked in this job was that I worked with lots of people from different nationalities, customers and colleagues, which also improved my language skills. I enjoy working in an large, tight, international team where everybody is very flexible and able to cover each other’s positions at all times.

I think I will be a good addition to your team because I am a good salesperson, I have great people skills which I also developed during my time as a manager in our family-owned company. I have been working in the tourism business for 10 years now and I am used to work in a demanding environment with lots of different nationalities. Thanks to this I have a pro-active-, service orientated- and problem solving attitude. I have a lot of experience with DSD’s, guiding groups of experienced and beginning divers and assisting on OWD and AOWD-courses.

I would like to get more experience as a Dive Master on other places of the world. You suggest that Phuket, Egypt or Honduras seem to be a really good place to do this. Helping with courses has my interest because I want to do more courses myself as well and I want to go to an instructor status in the future. Diving for me is always an adventure as well as a great opportunity to learn about the people of the world and about myself.

After looking at your website and reading a couple of reviews from some of your diving costumers, I can say that I would love to come and work with your team for the summer. That is when you would be interested and if you have any position available of course. I will be available beginning of July.

If you require any more information please don’t hesitate to ask. I also have good reference that I can give to you anytime. I already took the liberty to attach a photo.

I am interested in anything you have to offer. I also want to continue my education (Photography speciality, Cave speciality or other) I am fully capable to pay for my courses and for my trip as long as I can gain some money to make a living. Looking forward to hearing from you.

3, I am a new French male Divemaster of 26 year old. I completed a DM internship the last summer in Mallorca, Spain. I worked all the summer long. I was working as an freelance / independant DM at the end of the period. I can speak French (native tongue), English (fluent) and Spanish (intermediate).

I passed a Master degree in Sport organisation field in 2007. My goal is to run my own dive shop in the future, once I will have enough experience in this industry.

I wrote you to enquire whether or not you are looking for Divemaster for your centre or if you have a liveaboard. I am available from now for few months.

4, I am an PADI OWSI, with a skippers licence (RYA power boat level 2 & RYA yacht master offshore). I have experience working on Yachts in the Mediterranean & dive master experience in Thailand and instructing in Egypt, Mozambique and Zanzibar. I have been teaching people to dive since February 2009. I have a thorough knowledge of fish species and started earlier this year with underwater photography and underwater videography .I am a fast learner, hard worker, friendly, professional team player.I am currently working in Sharm in Egypt as a freelance Instructor, I am looking at relocating to gain more experience in the industry. I work well independently & with others.

I am a flexible worker & willing to work in all circumstances. I look forward to new challenges & opportunities

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