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One Course Director that we are considering for inclusion in the new Tech Diving Guide started diving in Sweden twenty years ago when conditions and equipment were not as favourable as today. Nonetheless it was fascinating from the very first minute.  He has been diving in Scandinavia, Thailand, the Mediterranean, the Red Sea, the Andaman Sea, the Java Sea, the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Siam. 12 years ago he decided to turn his passion into a profession and went to South East Asia to work as a PADI Scuba Instructor.
He became a PADI Course Director in 2001 and currently holds one of the best IE success rates in Thailand.

As an introduction here are some of his recent work requests, this also gives you an idea of the volume and variety of questions you will get asked once you become involved with the management of a dive centre:

1  I wonder if you can help me, I am planning a trip to thailand from end of the year to mid March, with the intention of completing a PADI staff instructor course. However I am really interested in proceeding in the realms of Tech diving, as of yet I have not attempted anything deeper than 40m (which i am a PADI deep speciality instructor).

I am interested in the following courses:

Intro to Technical Diving
Advanced Nitrox
Deco procedures

to start with to give me a solid base to build on, plus i would like to try cavern diver or adv wreck. I have approx 3/4 weeks available, so if possible could you specify some prices for such courses, I will have all my own kit for recreational diving (BCD/Regs etc) but I wouldn’t have such equipment like a Wing, what would be the additional costs for rental of such items for attending such courses. Thank you for your time and any help you can offer

2 We would like to make an initial enquiry into the possibility of doing a 12-week internship in your company. We are  two French students in the two of a three-year technical course in business studies. We study office practices, communication techniques and , marketing, economics, law, international trade, English and German

We have a very good experience in the picture-video-audio/editing for different kind of communication actions.

We are dynamic with a lot of ambition to succeed in this field.

We are looking for an internship – without remuneration – in Thailand and we are very flexible. Phuket  is a very important place where we can trade in English and learn from another culture. Then work in Asia is a huge opportunity for us to understand how others countries work.

We would be very grateful if you would be kind enough to consider our application for an internship in the order to help you from June to August.

A placement in your company would be a marvellous opportunity for us.

Should you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

3 My name is Edgar and I am a diver from Lithuania, aged 34. Recently I quit a comfortable office job as a Quality and Efficiency Manager in an international company. After being a manager for almost 15 years in different companies I decided to make a big change in my life in order to spend more time enjoying the hobby I love – diving.

Therefore I am looking for a possibility to join a team of a diving center. For the moment I have Advanced Open Water certificate but I would like to be trained by your instructors to get Dive Master certification.  During that time I am keen to take any job or task that will bring me closer to the sea – guiding snorkeling tours, equipment maintenance and repair, office routines, negotiations with equipment suppliers or receptionist duties would suite me fine.

I am very friendly, open minded and hard working. Beside my native Lithuanian I speak fluent English, Russian, Polish as well as some basics of German. I am diving since 2006 mostly in Egypt, Spain (Canary Islands) and Lithuania.

Please consider my honest wish to join your team. My main goal is not to earn money – I just want to change my way of life for some time, but I still take all responsibilities very seriously. I really hope we can find the way to benefit from each other. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

4 As I am currently scheduling my trip to Phuket, I wanted to know how much will it cost to dive 2 or 3 times a day in your diving club ?? We will be 2 french students in holidays and we only have one day to dive.

My friend never tried, I dived once in Mindoro (Philippines), just to discover, and I got down to 14 meters. The morning was teaching and practising in a 1 meter deep water, and then diving for the afternoon. So I wanted to know if it’s possible to do the same with your diving club in the same way (DSD : Discover Scuba Diving).

How much will it cost for the day, including transports, boat, equipment, lessons and everything we need ?

5 i did my Crossover from DSAT Trimix to Advanced Trimix TDI with Andrew in Dec. 2008. We did the full program to Advanced Trimix Instructor.  He could not sign me up immediately for Advanced Trimix because of the amount of TDI certification  I need for each step in my dive education.

All the further sign up was no problem so far. The Trimix sign up i got in Jan 2010. Now i have all necessery certification for Advanced Trimix.

But the problem is who can sign me for this. I did the full crossover and I paid the full price. I did ask already what are the option i have now. He told me i should ask you may be you can find some paperwork. Personalty never had any paperwork about this course. All exam I wrote and presentations I did  have retained in his file. Only have the power point presentation about inert gas which I got as homework.

6 I am an American living in Thailand and am gonna get my dive master certification this summer in Malaysia. I may be considering an IDC course later on and am wondering what information you can give me on the SDI IDC. First of all, what are the benefits and drawbacks of an SDI cert over PADI and can I get a cost breakdown as well? Thanks!

7 I am writing in order to have some information a bout 3star scuba diving instructor courses organized by your company. I have dived since 9 years ago. i took 2 star cmas scuba diving instructor course it would be grateful if you could supply with the following information firstly, I would like to know when the course available that I could take part in and could you tell me how long it takes. Secondly ,I would like to know costs and condition. Lastly,could you give me some more details about the services and the course you offer, thank you in advance.I look forward to hearing from you.

8 I am a CMAS two star diver from Turkey. I have completed the theoretical part of my CMAS three star diver training and am waiting for the season opening (in Turkey – March) to pass my practical test and get my three star license. I have 31 recorded dives and a few unrecorded ones.

I am interested in a few of your CMAS technical diving courses listed below.

1- Nitrox
2- Advanced Nitrox
3- SC Rebreather
4- CC Rebreather (MOD 1)
5- Nitrox Gasblender
6- Trimix Gasblender

Is it possible to take all of these courses at once? If so, could you give me a price quote (one hotel accommodation, one liveaboard), and time estimation to complete all of the courses? I will rent all equipment except diving wear, fins, and mask (if you need this information for the quote). I would be interested in an internship if you can offer one.

9 Question – This is just written to inform you about pursuing my diving courses,As you know we came there to pass CMAS instructor(one star) but unluckily it wasn’t finished.

So,I’m really interested in learning more in this field,cause our classes didn’t end,is  it possible for me to keep on other courses such as PADI instructors. I`ve recieved my certificate for CMAS Ins.(one star) in Iran so I like to come over there to pass special courses for PADI, To conpensate the previous course that I didn’t finish ,how much money should I pay to pass mentioned courses (PADI)?

Would you please have a special discount upon my request so that I can move there to have my degree sooner? I’ll be really glad if you can contribute me to get to my goals.

Is it possible to pay the rest of previous course (that we’ve not finished) and pass PADI courses instead? I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Answer –  About the course you not finish there is nothing to get refund except the fee to TDA CMAS Thailand we still hold . when you sign up for any course with us you must to understand if you fail or if you don’t have time to finish its not our responsibility , but only the student responsibility . same if you try to pass your driving licence or any exam , it’s not because you pay you own that
certification , you must to complete everything and pass all the exam . I answer many time about this . i’m sorry you failed last time, all of your group was not prepare for this course and i can’t teach without good translator by the way. We still can find the deal for your PADI course but same you have to follow all the PADI OWSI training do do your examination .

I will check for the price ( not including the annual fees and examination fees you have to pay to PADI )

11 I am PADI instructor and i’m doing a crossover to IANTD instructor. I am also IANTD cave diver and i will shortly do the technical cave diver.

My question is about the internship. It mean work for the dive center and the dive center completes my formation with a reduced salary and some advantages? If its the case, is it possible to plan a custom formation?

12 I sent an email through your website about two weeks back but have not heard back from you.  I am currently planning a dive trip to Phuket over the period 20 February to 2 March (a total of 12 diving days) and am interested in doing some technical diving courses.  I am already a qualified Padi Divemaster, as well as PADI qualified for Rescue, Advanced Open Water, Gear Specialist, First Aid and PADI and IANTD Nitrox Qualified.

I have been out of the water for approx 2 years and would like to start from relative basics and work up as much as possible in the 12 days I have available.  My focus is on wreck diving, diving at depth and extended range diving, in preparation for a trip to the Philippines wreck diving later in the year.

I was looking at doing the GUE Fundamentals, followed by the GUE Tech Level 1 courses, or perhaps the Advanced Diver Package Option 1. I’d be grateful for your advice on which one is best suited, and available over that period, or other options you think would be good???

13  I am an Instructor from Canada and currently travelling through Mexico. I am very intrigued by your dive shop/ live aboard.I am a young and able bodied woman who loves to be on the water. I have recently became a SCUBA dive instructor this year. I went to Capilano University in British Columbia, Canada., and undertook the Professional Scuba dive instructor program. Which, when I successfully completed gave me numerous certifications, specialties, over 100 dives in a drysuit along with an overview of tourism and marine biology. Phuket looks like a fantastic place to dive and a great place to heighten my skills as a crew member, divemaster, dive instructor,guide and underwater photographer, If you happen to have any positions available I would love the chance discuss this more through email or skype. I have attached my resume to this email.
Thanks for your time, and I hope to hear from you shortly.

14 I will be in Phuket at the end of the next month. I would like to do the course TDI/CMAS “advanced nitrox”. My diving profile is:

  • CMAS 3*
  • Around 60 scuba dives

How much is it? including book, certification, transfert to hotel, meal… and rental of regulator/tanks/BCD/tek computer. I will bring my own equipment wetsuit / fins / and mask. Is it possible to have the book in french? and french speaking instructor?

15 I will stay at Phi phi island from the 12 of March to the 26 of March and looking to do some diving there. As I am train in technical diving I wonder if you can organize any deeper dives or if there is any interesting overhead diving I can go on. Of course I am interested in some “normal” nature diving as well. I also wonder if there is possibilities to rent doubles and stages. In short what can I rent and what should I bring. I am certed in trimix, cave diving, and am an PADI dive instructor. (inactive)

16 – Question A gentle reminder that i would be coming to phuket as per plan in january for the caves courses. just a few queries:
a. is cavern and intro to cave a difficult course to achieve?
b. what are the skills training involvement? line laying, lose line procedures,out of air, light out procedures,entanglement procedure will all these be covered, if so it is have ample time for me to run through with enough practices as I only have 3 diving days and 8 dives.
3. as i have only 3 diving days, base on your experience it is still possible to complete the courses with the require skills for an average diver?

I am reviewing this to have a realistic understanding of myself. hope to hear from you soon.

Answer – Yes the network is up again and running, so here are the skill list:

i) Buoyancy and trim Skills
a) work on your position and buoyancy. The position of your body during whole dive is parallel to the floor and there should be a straight line between shoulders and knees, then 90 up to your fins to avoid silting.
b) practice sending up SMB in this position to simulate tying in a spool or reel

ii) Propulsion techniques
a) frog kick
b) modified frog kick (fins up 90)
c) modified flutter (fins up 90)
d) helicopter turn (keeping your body parallel to the floor turn 360 on yourself without moving)
e) back kick

iii) Valve drills
a) valve shut downs in parallel to floor position

17 I found your contact while searching for a dive center in Phuket providing tec diving.
I did TDI advanced nitrox + deco proceedures in Novembre this year in Red see. I would like to come diving to Thailand in February/March next year.

I have some questions. It is really recent that I discovered tecnical diving, I passed the 2 courses in 5 days and after that didn´t event have the opportunity to do more tec dives. I have my own “recreational” diving equipment but didn’t invest yet in the equipment more suitable for tec diving.

I saw on your web site that you rent the equipment. Is there a possibility to arrange some special package price as I would rent the tec equipment for 4 days?

The other question is related to my limited experience with tec diving. All the trips you present as tec dives go to 65 m – is there any possiblity to make some tec dives more in my level, or something where the guide / instructor could be closer to me (I mean not the distance but to keep in mind my state…)

18 Hope you are doing well. I wish to come to Phuket from 9th Feb till 12th Feb. I want to cover day trips to Similan Island, Kingcruiser and Phi Phi islands. Can u pls give me ur prices for these day trips (including equipment & any hidden cost) ? I s there any other wreck diving available other than kingcruiser? I’m a PADI Advanced Open Water diver.

Also, can u please suggest me the cheapest available accomodations? I will be doing budget travelling, so pls offer me the most cheapest and decent options.

Please give me price quotes free of any hidden cost. Thanking you in anticipation!

19 I’m looking for a nice diving holiday. And cave diving is one of my wishes. At the moment i’m following a adv. nitrox/decompression procedures/cave techniques in open water course (CMAS). I’m a 3*/4* diver with about 310 dives, all of them in cold water.

I read that there are possiblities to follow the full cave cours (without any cave diving experience) in about 2 weeks. What are the costs of this complete course?

And is it a problem that I’m alone, without a buddy or a travelpartner? And what is the best period (rainseason?)?

20 My name is Jaques (French national, living in Japan) and I am planning to come to Phuket in order to get the TDI certification for cave diving (open circuit). I get a PADI Advance Open Water + PADI Wreck Certification. I have around 100 dives, mostly on wrecks and did several trips to Coron Philippines.

I am a humble diver and student, comfortable diving in overhead environement, but I know that I need much much more experience, and I am looking for a very safe and professionnal course before to start cave diving. I have always dive with single tank.

I plan to travel to Phuket around Nov 28, and start to dive the 29. I will stay up to 9 or 10 December. (I will not dive the day before departure)

I have some questions about your courses, I would be grateful if you can answer :

  • Is it possible to pass the TDI Cavern + TDI Intro to Cave + TDI Cave Diver, within this time frame ?
  • I plan to stay in a guesthouse in Patong beach, is there a pick up organised by your dive center the morning in Patong ?
  • What would be the total price, including the gear rental (I just have my own computer Sunnto Vyper2), pick up, books, etc…  ?

Thank in advance for your answers, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any more information from my side.

21 I am certified as an Open Water diver, I have done about 70 dives. I have done open ocean, reef, wreck, cave and cavern dives, however, I am not certified with any specialty courses. I have a couple questions:

1. How much is it for the Advanced Open Water cert?
2. Specialty courses?
3. Divemaster?
4. I didn’t find a schedule on your site, do you have any trips this Saturday/Sunday? How much?
5. I only have my mask and snorkel , so I need full gear. How much is a full gear package?

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