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Adventures of a Dive Instructor – Part 9

on Jan 24, 2012

Just for fun, some of the good stuff the owner of IDC Guide got up to when working as a dive Instructor / running a dive centre in Phuket, Thailand, its a snapshot of an email I sent to friends back in the UK Another three months has gone by and another instalment of my amusing stories for your entertainment: Rode an Elephant (one hour in the Jungle) they are pretty...

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Dive today – Make it special

on Aug 31, 2011

Here is some wise thoughts for PADI Instructors Remember that time is the biggest hurdle standing between potential divers and diving. Not only does this mean that flexible scheduling and independent study will be increasingly important in diver training, it also drives a desire for immediate experience. People with limited leisure time do not want to waste that...

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PADI CDC in Second Life

on Apr 13, 2010

I just visited the most perfect dive center ! A client let me have a look into their ‘virtual’ world and was pleased to see that PADI have a Career Development Center built there, you can even go for a virtual dive ! quite impressive really. Take a look at Second Life, although I warn you its a bit addictive !

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