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Random Tech Diving Questions:

1 – Question – I am contacting you regarding TDI trimix class. I am an OWSI, CMAS 3* advanced nitrox diver and I have already started my trimix normoxic tdi class with BlueMarlin (in Gili island Indonesia). I have done the pool parts, 2 dives out of 4, some theory (but not the test). I did not have time to finis the class as my instructor got sick…. I would have to do 2 dives with some theory and the theory exam to get certified. (My instructor could send you an email with the status of my training)

Would like to finish this class and do the extended trimix class (to 100m) Would it be possible to do this between the 27 of december and the 6 of january 2012?
What would be the price for all this?

Answer – We will be very happy to finish your course and run the next trimix course for you.  How far did you get with the academics as 95% of Trimix 1 is extended range actually… Have you done knowledge reviews from the manual?

We can absolutely run the Trimix 2 course for you. You will need 6 days to complete all the dives and academic portions (exclude weather problems). Regarding costs, I can attach a quotation for you. It includes all costs related to the courses. (in the notes the estimation of helium cost maximum cost).  The dates are ok for us but we will need a firm booking and deposit in order to book the course and secure the dates.

2 I am Multilingual, Experience, Scuba Diving Instructor PADI. Also I am a good seller. I am in Phuket now. Do you need staff as freelance or permanent or seller? Maybe do you need a Russian Instructor? We could bring more Russian customers. On Phuket will be a lot of Russian tourists and divers from November. Also I can teach students English. I have a lot of English-speaking students. I can also use the Italian and Polish for certified divers.

3 I would like to be considered for a job opportunity in your dive center. My name is Isabel, I am DiveMaster PADI. I am 31 year old and practice scuba-diving since 10 years now. I am French and my parents spanish, so I speak both languages. I am fluent in English too and can speak italian. I use to work in different dive centers and as I love traveling, I am really interested in discovering different places in the world to practice my passion. I am hard working, flexible and really friendly person .

I experienced diving in many places, Panama, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Malaysia, Caribbean islands,Canada, Europe (France, Spain, Greece…) , so I have experience in many conditions and ecosystems.

I planned to find a new job since the end of November or begin December to help you during the season. So, if you are interested by my application, do not hesitate to contact me.

4  When is best diving time? Nov to April I cant remember!  Can you do deep diving with trimix ie up to 50 metres on Evolution? Or maybe a weeks course in rEVO though I want to go on 2 week holiday and so need course and dives to cover that time. I have done the Elephant trek there!

I have done a few courses with the Evolution  and a few more dives on newer kit!  I have booked off 12th Feb til MArch 4th for diving in Thailand with you. It would be good to dive the Kiss first then a week on the evolution then deep diving ie 40 – 50 m with the evolution through a course with you. If you are busy get back to me and I will do  maybe the last 2 weeks.

5 Firstly, I would like to say thank you for the opportunity to be working with the dive centre. I am sure with the right approach, teamwork , hard work, and a little luck we can look forward to a successful and enjoyable year ahead, and hopefully many more.

As discussed last Friday we agreed that there was no point in drafting a contract of employment between our two companies. However, we did agree that something needed to be documented and agreed by both parties.

Commissions and bonuses to be discussed as and when the business increases as a result of my input. Working hours 8.30am – (no lunch break required) Monday – Saturday. (Although extra hours will be worked to ensure work is completed). Contribution to business calls from mobile phone. 4 weeks paid holiday, with ample warning  given to you or when convenient.

Use of vehicle for customer visits further afield or when bad weather stops progression of visits. Please feel free to comment on any of the above.

I had a meeting today with the manager,of the hotel resort behind us. We an excellent and well discussed meeting and we both agreed that we should be working together. He is willing to send all of his customers who want to dive to us and also that we can recommend his place to some of our long term students. We also agreed that we would offer commission to him on all those that he passes to us. He had a customer asking about diving two days ago and said he didn’t really know where to go…? However, he did seem very genuine in our talks together.

So, he said he is willing to sign a contract with us tomorrow and us with him. I will read his contract first and refer it back to you for approval. I suggest that we offer him 10% across the board on all our offerings to keep things simple.

Here’s an update so far on all progression. As for the papers/plans for VIP brochure, I have not written in full yet, until your approval on the plan. Now if have your approval and response, I can continue with this and send you copies for your perusal.

I have designed a stunning cover for the  VIP hotels, but I don’t know if you have seen it yet…….? As for contracts……..

1. Chalong Villa Resort. I have not been able to meet the boss yet for him to sign the contract, although our flyers are still in his reception area and gym, which seemed to be very busy as I left work at 6.30 tonight.

2. Ice House Family Tours, Karon. Very wiling to give us all dive courses on contract on a 20% discount. I have known this company for 5 years now, and trust them, plus they owe me……I have given them business personally, so friends now and a very busy Tour operator in high season, probably the best in Karon as they have a prime location. They do deal with South Siam on the same course discount, but are willing to give us the business instead, however they have 30% on day trips so I told them we can not compete with that. So, what you think on a deal with them on courses only?

3. Phuket Healing Centre. Went to visit to sign contract with Michelle, 10% across the board. But she busy, so back to visit tomorrow,

4. Dara Tourist Destinations Company. Signed contract today with us on 15% off only courses. The owners wife and booking lady came to visit our office today before signing. They took photos, and were very impressed with our approach. They took photos and want to put us on their website. I don’t think they are fools………. they have many, many booking agents in Phuket town and want to work with a good and a close company. He also asks that he wants to do his open water course with us. should I give him an incentive discount?

I have been thinking and looking for an excellent location for Satelite office for recreational diving. Apart from walk ins in busy places like Patong, Kata & Karon where else do you get  the most tourist traffic passing everyday, low or high season? Big Budda! In the Soi leading up to there are some great new office buildings just finished with accommodation facilities that you could also rent out to long term Tech Course students. Just a thought???

Also, got our first day trip enquiry from Michelle at  Atsumi Healing center on Saturday who had 3 quests wanting to fun dive this Tuesday. But, they called today to say they looked at the weather for Tuesday and didn’t look good so they will try another day.

Marketing Kata heavily at the momment. It’s weird, the number of diving fliers is very low. Very unexpected. But every tour operator I visit is very willing to take ours. A good thing about this is customers take the flier away and hopefully book with us direct, hence no comission to agents. It is hard to get out for any reasonable amount of uninterepted time though, Herve for the last two weeks has been not in at all or off on appointments, and Natasha busy with Alan, as you probably know, so I am mostly openning the office and manning it also. When I do get out, I walk down every soi, marketing our company, to tour operators only. Hotels next.

We had a walk in on Saturday with one of our fliers! 🙂 and English guy, who wanted to do two days fun diving. But, he insisted on a discount and I know that we are not keen to discount so he went to another location, I think. I don’t want a confict of company policies with you  on the discount to customers so I took the decision, not to discount. I discussed this and she said yes, no discount.

6 I am on my honeymoon in June next year. I wish to do some diving when I’m there. I have a few questions. First, are you near the Banyan Tree resort as that’s where we are staying. Also how long would it take to do an underwater photography course and a videography course. Do you do both of these courses? If so what cost are they and if I wanted to do a cavern course with the above how long would all 3 courses take and how much? I don’t want to spend the whole time diving you know! But I would like to do the photography course and see what videography is like! I’d also like to try a cavern dive if possible but the photography course would be the most important to me as I really want to be able to take nice pictures!

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