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Routine Dive Centre Enquiries 3

More scuba diving related enquries for you to review and learn from

[Scuba Diver] I am to be with your dive centre soon. i would like to dive with you is it possible to do the deep and wreck specialities during these days? what is the cost? i can speak english but is it possible to have an instructor who can speak French?

Could you please discrdibe the cost (rental of gear, transportation hotel/pier, food, certification, book in french. I have ny own gear except the regulators / SPG. If i combine these 2 specialities (wreck+deep) plus NITROX => how much is it?

[Dive Centre] You stay here for 6 days so it wouldn’t be a problem at all to organize the 2 specialties for you.  You need 4 days at least. We do have a French instructor to do your specialties.

I guess that, in your case, it would be suitable to follow the Nitrox in a single day, so as to not let it interfere with your other specialties.  You can however do the 2 day-course as you have 6 available days to dive. Pricewise you can get a discount, if you take the 3 courses together.

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‘Im am PADI advance dive and BSAC member I will be in Patong on holiday with
my family for 2 weeks next year from the 01/04/12 and would like do do some
diving. I also would like to get my son to do a PADI open water course.’

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