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Dive Centre Management

Lots of dive centres are now offering management courses but could you manage to answer the following questions that are a random selection that you could face while running a dive centre?

1, I would like to enquire about your Advanced Open water course. When do you have two spaces available on a advanced course from the 22nd onwards? How much would this be? Where does it take place? Regards Emily

2, My diving experience is that I am an PADI AOWD with approx 31 dives under my belt and I am enquiring to see if you do internships for Rescue Divemaster  or Divemaster and instructor levels.

3, I have done the dive basics a couple of times and want to dive but worried about being able to equalise as seem to have difficulty with the technique- need to discuss this matter please.

4, Once skin-diving in Hawaii. Snorkelling overseas during holiday times and my husband Pete and I would like to take a course with you this year. We were disappointed not to find you at the dive shop in Birmingham. So hope you could sign us up soon!

5, hi there i want become a professional diver and underwater welder , how do enroll in your from Nigeria I want be a diver before the start of the oil exploration in my country.

6, My daughter is interested in the PADI bubble maker course (she’s 11 years old)… where do you do this in London? When is the next one scheduled?

7, Experience: Personally I have no diving experience but my partner used to go diving
message: I have worked as a youth worker before I had my children, I have not worked now for 14 years and fee ready to return to work. One of the things I have thought about is trying to encourage young people here in N.I. to become interested in scuba diving and I would be grateful for some advice and guidance on how I should take steps to make this happen thank you.

8, I would like to do Open water diving course. I tried contacted another diving club but they refuse because I wear Cochlear Implant!! I have check and I am allowed to dive up to 18m. Can you help please?

9, I am 53 years old and would like to learn to dive for recreation activities on holidays abroad, am I too old to learn to dive?

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