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Instructor Continuing Education 1

Its important to keep your skills current and to always be improving your knowledge and skills as a dive instructor to push your boundaries as an Instructor to keep yourself in love with the sport and you may get paid some more also!

Recent enquires from Instructors wanting to improve themselves.

1 I am from Mauritius Island and am Padi MSDT, including nitrox, deep, wreck, photography, gas blender, night and photography instructor. I’v been working in a dive center since 2004 but here in mauritus. I wish to do my technical courses(TDI) and be a full Tdi Instructor; If possible to start from Advanced Nitrox instructor to Trimix Instructor. I kow i need to certify stdent to move to next stage and if i can complete till to decompression procedures instructor this will be fine. I wish to know more about if a package or internship which can be proposed, in these case, how much it will cost in total including course fee+ diving equipement cost etc5 (total cost)…

I wish to complete all Divers level starting from adv nitrox to Adv Trimix.

During the internship do I get accommodation or meals?
Im also interested to to the ccr course but it will depend how much all will cost.
I have completed my Owsi in Phuket Thailand with Dive Asia in 2011.
As its a long way from Mauritius with an expensive flight ticket, i wished to complete the maximum course if im there.
Hope you will take me into consideration and you may contact me for any information.

2 Currently working in Tahiti, French Polynesia I am looking for a place to  do some TDI instructor course such as:

TDI Extended Range Instructor
TDI Side Mount diver & Instructor
TDI ccr evo Instructor (air & deco)

I will have by the time I come the TDI deco procedure Instructor I do own a ccr evolution. Please take a look at my current CV


–    Married, 2 Children
–    Driving License : Car and Motorcycle
–    STCW 95, Basic Safety Training
–    Crowd Management & Safety training
–    French VHF License
–    Powerboat level 2 (French Version)
–    Seafarer Medical (In accordance with ILO/WHO D.2/ 1997)
–    Seaman’s Book


–  French: Excellent
–  English: Excellent
–  Spanish: Basic
–  Italian: Basic

Diplomas & Certificates

PADI – Open Water Scuba Instructor (1992)
PADI – Boat Specialty Instructor (1996)
PADI – Deep Specialty Instructor (1996)
PADI – Wreck Specialty Instructor (1996)
PADI – Night Specialty Instructor (1996)
PADI – Master Scuba Diver Trainer (1997)
PADI – Nitrox Specialty Instructor (2007)
PADI – Emergency First Response Instructor (2007)
PADI – Digital Underwater Photography Instructor (2008)
Oxygen First Aid for Diver Specialty Instructor (2008)
PADI – Drift Specialty Instructor (2008)
PADI – Research & Recovery Specialty Instructor (2008)
PADI – Emergency Oxygen Provider Specialty Instructor (2008)
PADI – Diver Propulsion Vehicle Specialty Instructor (2008)
PADI – Videographer Specialty Instructor (2009)
CMAS – 2 Star Instructor (1995)
CMAS – Advanced Nitrox Instructor (2007)
French State Scuba Educator 1st degree (BEES 1) (1995)
CEDIP – 1 Star Instructor (1995)
CEDIP – 2 Star Instructor (1995)
CEDIP – Advanced Nitrox Instructor (2007)
DAN – Oxygen Provider Instructor (1996)
DSAT – Gas Blender Instructor (2013)
TDI – Gas Blender (2007)
TDI – Advanced Nitrox Diver (2007)
TDI – Extended Range Diver (2013)
TDI – Decompression Procedures Diver (2013)
TDI – Ap diving Evolution eCCR Air Diluent Deco Diver (2013)
TDI – Submatix Quantum mCCR Air Diluent Deco Diver (2013)


Diving Instructor, Blue Lagoon Diving Center, Turkey (1992)
Diving Instructor, Scuba Doo Diving Center, Egypt (1992)
Diving Instructor, Sea Angels Diving Center, Turkey (1993)
Dive cruise Manager, Scuba Doo Diving Center, Egypt (1993)
Sales/Technician, Diving Equipment, France (1994)
French State Scuba Educator Course, France (1995)
Diving Instructor, Poseidon Diving Center, France (1995)
Diving Instructor, Club Med Buccaneers Creek, FWI (1996)
Diving Instructor, Club Med Playa Blanca, Mexico (1997)
Diving Instructor, Club Med Cadaques, Spain (1998)
Base Leader, Club Med Turquoise, Turks & Caicos (1999)
Base Leader, Club Med St Lucie, Caribbean (2000)
Base Leader, Club Med Columbus, Bahamas (2001)
Diving Instructor, Topdive Moorea, French Polynesia (2007/08)
Owner, Sea Angels Tahiti, French Polynesia (2009)
Technical Diving Instructor, Tek Dive Experience Tahiti (2009)
Manager, Topdive Tahiti, French Polynesia (2010/2011)
Diving Instructor, Eleuthera Plongée Tahiti (2012/13)
Marina Supervisor, PG Cruises, French Polynesia (2013/14)

3, I want to come work with you – what do you say? do you have vacancies? I am a young instructor MSDT PADI, I am looking for a position and my candidacy offers in your club.I have just finished a season in France and would like to extend my experience. I am dynamic while being quiet and serene.I know how to adapt myself easily and quickly. I nevertheless remain at your disposal for quite further information.I have no piercings and no tattoos.I speak good French and i’m learning English.I am available immediately. Wishing you good reception, and looking forward to one feedback from you.

Under the sea, the azure vault of the water assures a permanent atmosphere of dream !
All my passion is for your service
Young instructor was awarded a diploma I wish to join a club and to integrate a dynamic team.
Make discover the submarine world, pass on transmit and share this passion. My objective is to accompany the divers for their training and their improvement, custom-mad product, each at its pace with serenity and security.
Together, I promise you of beautiful discoveries in this fascinating universe, in every dive an immense and diverse flora by being next to a friendly and sometimes affectionate fauna.

The envy to go always farther by reaching the upper level.
We do not stop teaching and admiring.

My diving

France – Océan Atlantique – Bassin d’Arcachon – Lac de Cazaux – Marseille
Seychelles – Océan Indien – Praslin Island
Espagne – Mer Méditerranée – L’Estartit Iles Médes
Afrique du Sud – Océan Atlantique – Cape town
Tunisie – Mer Méditerranée – Djerba
Mexique – Mer des caraïbes –  Playa del Carmen
Egypte – Mer Rouge – Sharm El Sheik

Other hobbies: motorcycle, basketball, big-game fishing, jet-ski, American football, automobile, surfing, journeys.

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