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Divemaster training and other Enquires

Think you are going to spend all your dive career in the water having fun? If you are lucky enough to run or own a dive centre or you are a freelance Instructor or become office manager within a dive centre then you will need to deal with a huge amount of emailed enquiries every day / week. Take a look at the brief selection of enquires below and think about how you can respond to them to give the best / most correct / most attractive responses.

Enquiry 1 Hoping you can help me. I’m looking to complete all PADI courses from OW to Divemaster. I will only have a month available in time. I’m looking to do the course during August. Could you please give me a total package price, incl accommodation and equipment rental. I do plan do buy some equipment before I fly, but this is not set in stone yet. Does the accom with AC? If not, what would it cost to upgrade? Obviously I am working on a budget, but what would it cost extra for one-on-one training? If there is anything NOT included in the price, please tell me that as well.

Enquiry 2 Hello I was just inquiring as to if you are running any cave diving trips in July or August these are my preferred dates for dives everyday I’m a fully certified cave diver interested in the medium to advanced cave dives you are offering. I am in Thailand from June if you don’t have any trips in my preferred date range I can try to reshuffle my trip to get me to when your operating.

Enquiry 3 After graduation in Biological Sciences, I have gained about three years’
working experience abroad as marine biologist, with particular emphasis as far
as relations, management, organization, customer service and relevant problem
solving are concerned.

All above has enabled me to develop a peculiar attention for a variety of
needs that different types of customers could show. This stay in foreign countries has also considerably improved my knowledge of English. About two years ago, as consequence of some misunderstanding with the job philosophy of the big tour operators, I have decided to return to Italy for some time.

Here, I am presently cooperating with a PADI instructor for diving courses
both in pools and at the sea. My greatest wish, however, is to choose a long term stay abroad and to work steadily as dive master snorkelling guide in a dive centre like yours.
Should you think that it could be useful or interesting for your centre, my
knowledge of biology could certainly be added to the specific tasks of a dive
master guide.

Enquiry 4 My Student (PADI Rescue Diver) and myself plan to take TDI courses for advanced Nitrox+ Deco proc and trimix (entry level). How long it can take and what can be the budget all included: rental gear, courses, cert cards, boat trip, gases, books and so on. We don’t want to add anything related to the courses. Can you please send me your best quotation?

Enquiry 5 I was interested in taking some courses with yourself, but if I am not mistaken, your prices don’t seem to be listed on your website. Please send a complete price list for PADI speciality courses, along with anything else I need to know about doing a course with yourself.

Enquiry 6 Hi, I am looking to go on and do my Divemaster, I am just wondering if as I dive Sidemount on the Razor Harness + Batwing, will I be able to do my Divemaster with that Equipment Configuration, or will I have to Dive backmount?

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