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Dive Centre Enquiries 5

Enquiry 1 Interested in TDI Extended Range, currently BSAC Sports Diver with Accelerated Deco Procedures. I would like to know if the BSAC ADP would allow me to progress directly on to the TDI Extended Range course. Also what would be the expected cost for the TDI extended range? Many thanks

Enquiry 2 Dear All, we would like to know possibilities for the TDI Nitrox Gas Blender Course. Could you please let us know the price for the course as well possibility 08th or 10th October, Thanks

Enquiry 3 Dear All. We would like to bring one off our staff members train with the TDI Nitrox Gas Blender course. Can you give me please a total price for it including Fee and manual, as on the website I cannot see it? As well would it be possible to do it on 08th October, Thanks for the info

Enquiry 4 Hi, How much is your PADI Cavern Diver course and what does the course include? Thanks

Enquiry 5 Can you advise price and course detail for thereafter intro course.

Enquiry 6 I am staying at Karon Sea Sand resort. Looking to do two dives either tomorrow or Tuesday. I want to know your rates and dive sites for these days. I am difficult to get hold of but a message can be left at the hotel. Thanks

Enquiry 7 I am currently in Pattaya at the moment but I would like to do a ccr rebreather course if that is possible Not sure on what model i.e. meg or ap a discussion on pros and cons might be helpful, Cheers.

Enquiry 8 Looking for info on PADI Tec deep instructor course. I am currently on Koh Tao. I fly back to the US on Dec 20.

Enquiry 9 Hi, I am interested to purchase a portable seamless combo gutter machine.

Enquiry 10 Hello, I am a diver from Hong Kong. I have come across your dive service on the web. I am coming to Phuket at the end of this month and looking to take some TDI course while I am staying. I only have 3-4 days free during my stay, which is 22th 25th 26th 28th of Nov. since other days I already have plan. (My friend’s wedding) My Diving History as follows Instructor Level PADI Master Instructor (with 11 Specialties Instructor licence, including Nitrox, Side mount, deep, etc.) TDI Nitrox Instructor Diver Level TDI Adv. Nitrox Diver TDI Decompression Procedures Diver Can you please suggest which course for me that I can do with you in this time schedule. I am thinking overhead dive, such as TDI Advance Wreck. Will I have enough time to do it? Please advise. Million thanks.

Enquiry 12 Hi guys, looking for a shop that has rebreather support and prices online. Want to know what the cost is to hire ccr cylinders, Sorb cost per kilo, Helium and O2 per litre, bailout hire and diving available. Thanks

Enquiry 13 Can you arrange some cave diving in the time between 22 – 29 Feb? How much you will charge. Will be great to hear from you, that I can plan my trip.

Enquiry 14 Hallo, I am looking for “Intro to cave” I have already have PADI Nitrox and Cavern cert. Is that available? If so, I will plan a 4-day trip there to take course. Please arrange accommodation and transportation from Bangkok for me or give me some advice be there.

Enquiry 15 Hello, I want to go cave diving. Can you organise two short trips about 2-3 days. I arrive on 22nd Feb and stay in Phuket until the 1st or 2nd of March. It would be good to hear from you soon.

Enquiry 16 Can I do a TDI Mod 3 (60m) over Chinese New Year weekend? Is it possible to combine with a wreck penetration course?

Enquiry 17 Hello, I have started a TDI Advanced Deco Procedures in Switzerland at Seven Unfortunately, I could not complete the course back then. I now want to get back into ten and I have a time window until the end of this month before I start a new assignment in Bangkok. Please contact me as soon as possible today, phone preferred, to let me know if you have something matching my needs to offer.

Enquiry 18 Hello, I am looking into getting my instructor course. My goal is for and SDI instructor certification. I see on your website that it can be done in 7 days. My hope is the extended time be used to get a couple specialties as well so I can get people to Advanced Open water after the course. Please let me know if you are able to accommodate.
Hi, I am interested in tech dive to avoid noisy bibles and capability of long dive 80-90 min my consumption is vert Hugh thus I am limited to 50 min at 25-30 Thanks for offering a package.

Enquiry 19 Hi there, I am looking to become TDI or PADI Cavern Instructor. It seems it is possible with your dive centre. Could you tell me more about this? How long would it take? How expensive? I am Full Cave Diver, PADI MSDT (incl. Nitrox) and I have more than hundred cave dives.

Enquiry 20 Hi, I ‘m’ 50 years old, and interested to become SDI TDI Dive master. I’m interested by your “OZD Tec I – Technical Dive master – Internship” and your “OZD Rec III – Suba Instructor – Internship”. I have my own dive gear. I use to dive in France. My last dive last Saturday was 50m, 40min, Nitrox desaturation, in fresh water. I am ready to go to Thailand from June to September or October. Is it possible? Can you send me a price for this internship this summer (course + fees and accommodation)? Of course, I can answer any questions you have about myself.

Enquiry 21 Hello, I am a PADI IDC Staff Instructor with +2.000 dives. I have been diving with Tec divers a lot, but I have not taken any course yet. I would like to do all of them to become a Tec Deep Instructor and Tec Trimix Instructor. I worked as DM, then as an instructor and then as IDC Staff. The last few years I have been managing dive shops and, right now, I would like to go back to teaching, but this time I would like to teach something different and the Tec diving has been always in my mind. I do not have a date for leaving my current job, but no later than September. I know that to set up Tec courses is not so easy (gases/equipment/availability). This is the reason I am starting looking for a place now. Thank you very much for your help and warm regards,

Enquiry 22 Hi Guys I will be in Phuket next week and am interested in doing some technical cave diving. I am IANTD technical cave and trimix certified. Can bring full cave gear (would only require twins and stages). Any information would be appreciated.

Enquiry 23 Hello, I plan to get a certification with re breather diving. I mostly interested in recreational diving. Please provide to me a quotation for an onsite stay to achieve my goal. Please advise also on re breather brand and model. I mostly have to fly to diving destination as such please advise on model that suit this kind of transportation I plan to go there in mid may. Thanks for your answer

Enquiry 24 Hi! I have a couple of questions. I will start with the tech diving. I have already done my research and I am wondering about your prices on TDI advanced nitrox and deco procedures? Moving on, the plan for this winter is that my girlfriend wants to do her SSI DCS course and one of few schools offering it is on Phi Phi. However, we need some help with her visa. I am wondering if it is common that dive-schools help students out with visas. More specifically, I am thinking of non-im B for students. Would be grateful if you try to answer that last one.

Enquiry 25 Hi, I am coming to Phuket tomorrow and planning to do 4ish days of tech diving. Can you recommend an affordable yet good hotel (I see several affordable, but highly suspicious ones on the internet) that is walking distance to the marina? I am OC Trimix and Helitrox Inspiration. On the topic of rebreathers, do you rent them? Sorry if that is on your website, I am on my phone avoiding riots in Bangkok at the moment. Thank you for your guidance!

Enquiry 26 Hello, I am planning to take around 3 month of from my PhD to accelerate on my diving. By then I will be a NAUI Dive master (currently PADI Rescue Diver). During these 3 month, I would like to learn as much as possible in regards to instruction and technical diving and if possible, instruction of technical diving. I hope to have around 60 dives by then, which is not much, I know. What do you think would be a good combination of courses to take in this time? What are the things I should try to get done/licensed before this time (e.g. EANx, doubles)? I would be very delighted to do more course work or a fourth dive instead of lying in the sun or partying to progress as fast as possible. Thank you for your help!

Enquiry 27 Hello, Can you please give me pricing TDI tech courses? -Intro to Tech -Decompression procedures & Advanced Nitrox. I am PADI advanced with Nitrox and have 50 cold-water dives in dry suit. Thanks

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