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Dive Centre Enquiries 4

Enquiry 1 Hey, Guys I am a TDI Extended range diver. I would like to go pro. I will have some time next January to do it Also I would like to do my caver – intro cave and full cave diver certifications. Would it be possible with you guys? What would be the price?

Enquiry 2 Hi, I have a vacation during on 11 – 17 Dec and will travelling in Phuket. I would like to take the DSAT Trimix Full Course with you during that period and I had meet all the prerequisites in this course. Can you let me know how much the course will be? Thanks.

Enquiry 3 Hi, I am interested in doing some cave training so far I have no experience. I am Padi Tec tmx instructor. Can you give me a price for a whole packet including hostel transfer etc.? I am in Thailand around 5 December and two weeks.

Enquiry 4 Good day, we are a couple looking for job opportunities. I has a Two Star Instructor qualification, together with Dive Master Qualification with Advanced Nitrox qualification. In overall, I have more than 200-logged dives which 10 are advanced nitrox dives. I also have a Compressor Operating qualification. My partner also has Two Star Instructors qualification and Dive Master Qualification. She has more than 120-logged dives. In addition, she is a Level 3 First Aider. We are passionate about diving and teaching while also experiencing new and different things in life. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any more information. Kind Regards

Enquiry 5 Good evening, I am interested in the TDI Trimix course, and am planning on visiting in February next year. My current certification level is PADI rescue diver and BSAC sports diver with the BSAC accelerated decompression procedures qualification. Could you please confirm the total cost (I understand that this is variable depending on the cost of helium) and the duration? I would also be planning to stay after for some fun diving after in some warmer water than the UK! Best regards

Enquiry 6 Hello, what dive sites do you propose for tech diving? Will you run cave diving courses on 1st week of December?

Enquiry 7 Hi, I wonder if there is cavern/intro to cave and full cave diver course available in February. If so, please advise the costs length of each course. Thank you

Enquiry 8 Would like to Dive Sunshine1 this week, can we do this?

Enquiry 9 Good day, enquiring about availability, duration and cost of the Equipment Specialist Course (PADI) that you have on offer. Interested to do this course this month or early February. I am already in Thailand, so easy to arrange, just wondering about costs and availability. Thank you,

Enquiry 10 Hi there, I cannot find any prices for your DM course. I am looking for a dive base to do my DM course this year. You write about duration 1-6 months. I have 1 month of time. Would be happy to get further information from you.

Enquiry 11 Hi. I would like to do my CMAS 1* dice course starting on 1st. Is it possible? Thanks

Enquiry 12 Hello, I am looking for Tec diving courses in Phuket or Thailand for April or May

Enquiry 13 I am interested in doing the Normoxic Trimix course and would like to know if it is possible to go to this level with the BSAC accelerated deco procedures qualification. Also how long do your course typically last, as I would like to do some diving after the course to build up some more experience? I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Enquiry 14 Hi, there are two of us interested in cave diving course. Do you have availability and what is the cost? Thanks

Enquiry 15 Hi, could you let me know how much is an open water course (including all fees, cert, etc.) at your dive centre, please? Thanks.

Enquiry 16 Hi, I would like to dive with you this January. Is it possible? We will come to Phuket at 4/01 and will leave on 11/01 I am interested in some technical dives ( max depth – 65 m) at any interesting place you could offer I have some own equipment but I will need some additional equipment( stages regulators, second computer etc., lights) Hope you will confirm my request!

Enquiry 17 Hi, my name is Stan I am Padi MSDT instructor and ITDA extended range diver. After finishing a few months ago my ITDA course, I was not Tec diving for fun yet. What I want to do now I like to become TDI extended range instructor or decompression procedure instructor .I have time from 7th this month until 25th next months. Because I do not have many dives done as a Tec diver I like to do this in way of internship. Please can you let me know ASAP?
1. Will I have enough time to do it?
2. Which courses I need to go through
3. How much will they cost?
4. Is equipment and gases included?
5. If not, how much will the gases cost me per dive? Or to finish the courses.
6. I have almost all equipment just need stage regulators .Or no if I can use my normal regulators for teaching. My computer is able to operate just with two gases (Scuba-pro meridian) but I guess to reach decompression procedure instructor is enough to start with?
7. How much is accommodation in your area? I am looking for something really cheap quality

Enquiry 18 Hi, I am looking to do my trimix 65 or full trimix course when I come to Phuket in June/July. Is it likely that you will be running a course during this time? I am just about to start my tec50 on twins (previous courses have been side mount) in a few weeks. Please let me know what the cost is for the course. Thanks!

Enquiry 19 I am staying at the Pullman Phuket and want to know if I can arrange a dive to the MV sea chart or similar while I am here.

Enquiry 20 Hi, I am interested to take the TDI advance Trimix through the TDI extended course. Today I have a cmas 3* level + padi nitrox certification. I have logged no nitrox dives :(. What should be the best way to do it? Do I have to through the nitrox and advanced nitrox course? Thanks!

Enquiry 21 Hi, how is your diving going? Caving in Thailand! Who knew! I am just finished my dive master & would like to continue so I am interested in your instructor course SDI & what you charge & how long the course is and when you are next offering it? Thanks a bunch!

Enquiry 22 Good day, I am a complete newbie with regard to diving and I am interested in doing the course. Kindly sent me a quote.

Enquiry 23 Greetings, I am interested in tech dive path especially in cave diving, also more exposure for my diving career. Please send me the rate of OZD Tec IV – Overhead Instructor and I want a diving job on this Ocean Zone Divers – Dive Shop to cover up my small saving to the rest my internship, hope you grant my request.

Enquiry 24 Dear sir or madam, I would like to take a CMAS course while being in Thailand. I am interested in the silver certification. I learned diving in Egypt (CMAS*) and improved my skills in Fiji (Padi Advanced Open Water). Do you offer CMAS** courses? If so, what would a course cost including all dives and equipment rental? When would the course take place and could I do my first aid certification with you as well? Looking forward to your reply.

Enquiry 25 Hi, I just finished my Carven and Intro-to-Cave Course with ANDI. I am also a certified Adv Trimix and Adv Wreck diver. I am planning my continuous study in Full Cave with TDI. I am planning to go to Phuket this November around 7th-12th with my girlfriend. She would like to do some fun dives over there as well. Here are some our queries:
1. Since I finished my course and got certified with ANDI for Intro-to Cave, am I qualified to roll in the FULL CAVE course with TDI?
2. Do you have time to teach me the course around 7t 11th Nov?
3. Can we finish Full Cave during my stay? I should take a flight on 6th and arrive at Phuket on 7th. I will have 7th-11th 5 full diving days
4. Where shall we stay, in Phuket or some other islands near to the dive site?
5. No matter where we stay, can my girlfriend still have fun dives and still stay at the same hotel or resort with me? Many thanks for help and look forward to your reply.

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