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Want work after doing your course?

As we have said before its not easy getting work as an Instructor or as a Divemaster, here are some example questions and replies you get if you simply email a dive center

Student: Could you please inform me about the possibility to work in your dive center as a Divemaster? I can speak French, English, and a bit of Chinese (Mandarin).
I am living in China for 5 years, and I dived already in France, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and Hong Kong. I have a passion for diving since many years, and I would like to work with your team.

Dive Center: Thank you for the email, but we do not employ any dive masters at this time. What’s more in order to work in Thailand (Phuket) we need you to be completely legal here with a work permit and all relevant documents.

Diver:I don’t have the PADI Dive Master certificate yet, I am a PADI Advanced diver with an experience of 100 dives. I am looking for a dive center will teach me and deliver me this certificate, then will employ me as a Dive Master, or Instructor. I will pay for the training, but I would like to get a job after being graduated. I can also work during the training. Did you do something like this before?

Dive Center: Yes we have done this in the past but it is now more difficult nowadays. In Phuket you need a work permit. If you wish to get some training and then some work either you need to move to Phi Phi Island or Ko Tao.

What we do normally is issue you with an invitation letter to come and train with us as this will aid you in obtaining a Non-Immigration B Visa that will allow you to train and learn with us (possibly through an Internship). You as the student, be be allowed to work as required within the PADI curriculum. If you are interested in such a curriculum we can offer this and you could eventually try to get work as a Divemaster within the resort. Quite honestly though, no non-Thai nationals get work as a Divemaster. You will need to complete your IDC and become an Instructor before you have a realistic chance to get work.

Student: I was looking at the website and am very interested in the IDC. I would probably do the most basic package option as funds are a little tight. Could you give me some idea of the cost of accomodation in Phuket please. i have been to Thailand before but did not get to Phuket. also is it possible to pay everything on when i get there or do i have to pay deposits etc before? i hope to hear from you soon

Delicious: you can rent a nice bungalow in Phuket with 1 or 2 bedrooms for 8-10,000 THB / month easily enough or an apartment from about 5,000 THB upwards ….

To book you into the program and secure your accommodation (if you choose that option) then you will normally require a deposit of 350 $USD / 12,000 THB to book you in etc This is easiest done by bank transfer to the dive center of your choice,

Student: Hi I would like to become a PADI divemaster and then instructor. I was wondering how much this costs, and whether I should do an internships for either or both and then onto MSDT? I have actually completed ¾ of my divemaster, with only the inwater assisting to do (I’ve done the exams, skills and guiding). I was wondering whether I should go to a dive center with my DM referral, or whether I would have to start the whole course again? If a dive center done referrals, how much would it cost to complete the final part of my course? I was wondering if you could also tell me how much it costs to live (accommodation and food) in your area? I plan to be RYA2 powerboat qualified when I leave the UK in November 2010 or January 2011, I was wondering whether there are any other qualifications and skills that would help me with my dive career? How easy is it to find an instructing job once qualified?

Delicious: If you have the inwater portion of the DM course left to do, and it’s less than 12 months old, then of course you could take a referral, as long as you have the Referral paperwork / Documentation from your current instructor / dive centre. We can see no reason why you would need to spend the money doing the whole course again.

If this means that you only have the 5 Confined Water sessions to complete, then as long as you were taking your IDC with the dive center you may find that they would be happy to conduct that portion of your Divemaster for free, you could simply join an Open Water Course that they are teaching and that would be your 5 CW sessions.

Student: Hi, I’m looking for places to do my IDC/IE this summer/autumn. I’ve been diving for 10 years, I learned on Saba in the Dutch Antilles – a wonderful place, totally wasted on us because we only had time for our training dives. I was working in Belgium at the time, so after the holiday I joined a local BEFOS (Belgian branch of CMAS) club where I did my 2* qualification. When I moved back to the UK I was living in London and joined North London Scuba (based at Dive Force Marine). I did my RD and DM with them a few years ago. Since then I’ve moved to Cambridge and joined the University club (CUUEG) – I was interested in seeing how another agency taught. I’m planning on getting my instructor cert with BSAC – I’ve done my TIE and have a PIE booked for the summer. Can you give me details of the packages you have available and also options for accommodation. Thanks

Student: Hello! I’m planning on doing the IDC in Bali later this year, probably around early december. I am a finnish PADI Divemaster and a CMAS ***. I am looking for the most basic instructor rating, I have no need for specialitys like Nitrox, efri or anything else. However, a prep of some sort might be of value. I am also looking for an “all inclusive” package, I would not like to look for a place to stay or anything like that. I’d like to come there, register, do the IDC, finish the IE succesfully and then move on. What kind of a package would you have on offer for me? And what would be the cost? I would like to know all the costs I will have to deal with in order to be an instructor: The course fees, PADI fees, Material costs, equipment costs, costs for possible boat trips (and are they needed and essential) and the cost for accomodation if you can provide that. DAN insurance? Am I covered during the course or do I have to take care of that in advance? And finally, why should I choose your facility?

Student: I have my open water, and would like to start a career in the diving industry. I am trained as a cameraman, having shot various shows, wildlife reality, short films and features. I now want to specialize in underwater, but indoing so take a break from camera work for a while. I can afford around 120 000 Baht. And I ll be willing to do my advanced and rescue down here in South Africa. I would like to do the appropriate courses that can place me in a pay position at a dive charter company. If they do underwater video that would be a huge bonus.

Delicious final advice: Please do take your time to digest what everyone is offering, but do beware of those who promise you the world for nothing  : )  as there are sadly quite a few “less than professional” Course Directors and Dive Centres out there – in general if it looks too good to be true – then it probably is !!!

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