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Want to see the world?

Why not become a dive instructor by completing your PADI IDC and then using that as a springboard to seeing the world and working in some of the best and most desirable places on earth like this diver wants to:

[Diver] I am interested in doing my IDC as I will be taking a career break next year. I am currently in Sweden and am a PADI Open water diver with a few specialities. Would you please provide a breakdown of the cost to get from my current level to IDC.

[Dive Centre] Thank you for your interest in joining us to reach the IDC level. I think the best option for you would be an internship that covers from the open water level through to the IDC. This internship will cover all costs of the courses, certifications, manuals and PADI fees. It can include accommodation and the purchase of dive equipment if you need this.

Can I ask how long are you planning to take as a break to complete this?
Will you be coming with a dive buddy or alone?
Also how many logged dives do you currently have?
Do you own your own diving equipment?

The internship can be split over 2 areas. Firstly you take the Divemaster internship, this takes you from your current level up to the Divemaster level.

Divemaster Internship
Learn to dive with our 5 Star Career Development Center
Learn to dive in to become A PADI Divemaster, the first professional level. We tailored a 3-month intensive internship program. This level will give you a passport to more than 180 countries and territories. PADI is the most recognized diving organization in the world.

This package includes all the courses up to PADI Divemaster including EFR Instructor.


Additionally you get
• Full set of Scuba equipment – If you have your own equipment you get a discount
• 5 PADI Specialties for your Master Scuba Diving rating
• 3 month accommodation
• All PADI manuals
• All PADI fees paid
• Minimum of 60 dives
• Liveaboard experience
• Job placement service
• Visa assistance

It all adds up to an incredible experience!

I trust you will find my information valuable and will look forward to working with you  during your IDC.

Enough about us, so I can tailor our standard IDC package completely to you could you let me know a few things first:
Have you considered taking your IDC anywhere else?
How long would you like to complete the course over?
Are you looking for a full time career in Diving, or as some people do, looking to fulfil your personal dreams and education, then return to a “normal” career whilst teaching friends and family part time?
How long have you been a certified diver and what certification do you hold?
Do you own your own equipment?
Do you require accommodation for the duration of your stay?

I would like to know
What type of diving turns you on most?
Whats your ultimate diving dream?
How old are you?
Which countries have you dived in so far?
If you want to work in diving what made you decide on this career change?
In which country did you pass you PADI Open Water ?

If after reading this information you need something more please email me or I can speak with you in person and answer any question you may have about your program. Please give me your phone number and a time to call or you are welcome to call me directly

If you didn’t know as of March 2009 you are required to have your EFRi to enter the PADI IE,  and you may wish to include the MSDT prep course after the IE.

Usually on our IDCs we like to have no more than 6 students. These are nice numbers, it allows us to give individual service to each student. The PADI Fees are not included for this. You will pay them directly to PADI at the IE.

The total time you require is 15 days (IDC and IE). The accommodation included is on a single basis for 14 nights. If you require additional accommodation we can arrange this for you at a day rate also in the same guesthouse as we use for your stay. We can also upgrade your accomodation if your budget allows.

Your arrival date is upto you, I recommend arriving at least 2 full days before the IDC start date. As we include diving for you before the IDC, why don’t you arrive earlier to take advantage of this?

Materials that are required by PADI for the IDC/IE, you can purchase these through our shop at a special package price. If you prefer you can purchase these before you arrive. If you are purchasing the material before you arrive, you must have a Guide to teaching each as this includes the hologram required for entry to the IE.

We have another option for you, the all inclusive internship, with this option you pay one lump sum to ourselves in advance and we take care of all the PADI fees, materials accommodation etc.

[Diver] Hey this is fantasic info and firstly thank you so much for the real wealth of information.  Honestly I have been considering Australia or Florida as a first option as I am planning to be in the USA for a ski holiday before I start the course.  However that said I also need to consider my finances and that is the reason I am also looking at alternative places.

I haven’t put any time frame or limitation to the length of my intended stay.  The ideal would be to qualify and get a job and hopefully travel the world doing what I was created to do and love full time! This is definitely my time for change I have recently split with my boyfriend and getting fed up with my job so its time for me to spread my wings.

So I am definitely interested in the MSDT and have all the time in the world so no rush.  I would be interested in the internship and packaged deal where all costs are included.
I have been qualified as a SSI Open water diver since 2009 and have only done 41 dives.  I have completed my deep speciality, and just need to write my EAN and night exams to have those specialties too. I have all my own hard gear with the exception of a cylinder. Does anyone own one of them anyway? 🙂  I will still be buying an underwater camera as soon as I can.

Ideally I would like accommodation for the full time of my stay, however I am more than happy to rent a room or share rent with someone in an apartment or the like.  If possible my only request would be own room and bathroom.

And lastly I am the ripe young age of 27 – perfect timing for changing my career.  So far I have dived in Thailand, Kenya, South Africa and Mozambique and passed my PADI Scuba diver and Open Water diver here in Sweden.

Honestly I cannot tell you what specifically made me decide to change only the desperation for change itself.  I do not belong in the corporate world.  I always wanted to be a Marine Biologist but the timing of my studies and where I was at after school did not gel.  So I turned out to be great at the socializing and not so much the studies.  I thought my sea life was lost to me forever until I realized that there are so many places around the world where you could work that would sustain my passions.  The sea, marine life, people and traveling.

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