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PADI IDC Student Questions

Q1) I’m enquiring about the PADI IDC & IE Revision DVD. How often is it updated? Is it possible for a licenced user to access the updates – or do they have to purchase the entire new version of the DVD as it’s updated?
A1) Once you get the DVD then you can get the updated main document emailed to you once it gets updated.

Q2) Please could you recommend some dive centres which complete the IDC over 1 month or longer who are based in Malaysia, Indonesia or the Philippines. We can contact them ourselves we are just interested in the recommended shops.
A2) Ok here you go we recommend Graham at Malapascua in the Philippines.

Q3) I am a divemaster. Just finished with my course from Barefoot Scuba at Havelock, Andamans, India. I am interested in doing my IDC (available only after 15 may til june end) was wondering if there is an IDC due during this time and if yes then I would like to know all the details as in lodging n IDC fee and the number of days. Sorry for the incomplete information. I didnt realise my message had gone through. I am interested either in Dubai or Thailand. Whichever is better and cheaper. I will be done with a 100 dives by April (am at 70 dives as of today). So, I would like to know the cost of the course, time and other expenses like food n stay.

Just wanted to let you know that am looking at doing the course after mid may and anytime till june end. As by July beginning I have to be back in Canada. I live in Vancouver. Right now I am in India..:))..
A3) We will get some PADI Course Directors to contact you directly.

Q4) Good day , i am a Padi Master instructor /Raid Rebreather instructor looking for the CDCT in Jun 2013 ,Kindly advise when is your soonest IDC that i can join to update and do some practice with a course director and get some advise about the CDTC, please advise with:

1- accommodation
3- location
4- cost

please send me your phone number and the best time to call you for more information. I would like to receive offers from different IDCs. Want to do my instructor and possibly farther.
A4) Will get two course directors in Phuket / Thailand and Dubai to contact you today.

Q5) Hi Guys. I have been diving the last 13 years and now I have decided it’s time to complete my instructor course. I am a DM and I am looking to travel to the to the west coast of Canada / America or Mexico. Any recommendations would be much appreciated.
Will get some central American based Course directors to get in touch with you.

Q6) I would like to find out if it would be possible to do the rest of my dive courses through a dive resort in Phuket, Thailand. Working for the dive resort in order to pay for my courses. I am currently an advanced Padi diver. A6) Sarah from Scubacat in Phuket will contact you today.

Q7) I have not renewed my teaching status since 2010 and am interested in renewing it. I just wanted what the procedure/cost is? Also if I’m out of teaching status for a certain number of years do I need to redo my IDC?
A7) Please contact your local PADI office

Q8) My girlfriend and I have decided to take the next step and become PADI instructors. What I was hoping to find out, is the best way of going about it. I’m a BSAC instructor and a PADI Dive Master with lots of experience, my girlfriend is a brand new padi dive master with 2 months work experience. We have been looking at IDCs and can’t decide the best route to take.

We found a company that were offering a 6 month internship which resulted in getting your IDC for free in return work 6 months work. Brilliant we thought! We filled in our applications and were led to believe we would be starting in the 2nd or 3rd week of Dec, then once we had completed the application forms, they basically said we will hold them on file and when a place comes available they would contact us. I pushed them for further info and they advised the places we were applying for had been adjudicated! They do allow you to pay for the IDC and then they guarentee you a job afterwards. I am a bit dubious of a guarenteed job!

We have another option  at gopro cozumel. A friend recommended him to us. The don’t guarentee a job afterwards but say 80% of their attendees find work afterwards due to their industry contacts and actually say be careful of companies who guarentee jobs after PADI IDC. They say no centre can guarentee a job afterwards due to the number of instructors these centres produce.

The 3rd option is a dive centre in Caribbean, they had an instructor job advertised on the padi pro website in dutch. My girlfriend who is dutch applied for the job and mentioned she did her dive master training with a dive centre on Gili Trawangan.  We think they are good dive centre managers and after a chat offered her the idc and then the job. The problem with this one is, its really really expensive and there is no job for me.

I feel this is a really important step in our careers in the diving industry and want to get the best training we can to hold us in good stead for the future. I don’t know if these routes are right or not. Any advice you could provide on suitable routes to take would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
My general advice would be to do the following:
1 pick a dive centre / course director from our IDC Guide as they are all ‘genuine’ / recommended and experienced and all operate in major dive resorts / areas.

2 if you don’t want to go to a course director / location that we have on the guide then make sure you pick a ‘popular’ resort to ensure the best chance of work after IDC.

3 All course directors can say employment is guaranteed after the IDC but really you could be offered a low paid position that requires you to get an expensive work permit and doesn’t give you what you want / need, which is variety of good diving with lots of divers and students.

4 Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean would seem a good fit for your requirements and I can refer you to the dive centre / Course Director of Buddy Divers who is called Pepe if you wanted.

5 Working abroad for a period of time is more complicated in some places than others so make sure you are aware of the visa / work permit / company ownership position before you make a final choice

6 If you do an IDC in one place you could consider asking for work in the surrounding area so the Caribbean could be a great option.

7 You could consider doing your IDC with Steve Prior here in the UK (excellent instructor trainer) and then having the option of working where you want.

Good luck and tell me what you want to do / how you go

Q9) Hi there.. my name is Paddy Diver i am 23 years of age.. i live in Durban, South Africa… i and very interested in doing a diving instructors development course… iv been looking into courses that are done here in South Africa but also looking at doing overseas rather. What i would like to know is while doing one of the PADI courses or internships will i be working at the dive centre at the same time earning a small sallary or am i required to pay full funds for the course and still have to earn a wage myself? Also is accomodation provided or is that also need to be my responsability…

Im very interested in either doing the course in the Middle East (Dubai) or in England… please any help with information and advice is appreciated, thank you
There is no correct ‘answer’ to your question but its very rare for a dive centre to pay you while on an internship, its more common to pay the dive centre a reduced cost for your courses if you are working there, remember you will probably need a work permit to collect a salary and that is becoming harder to get in some places. I will forward you to our UK and Dubai Course Directors for their course details

Q10) I am biologist belonging to Aquatic Resources Research Institute, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand. I am running the project on “Marine library for secondary schools” under the protonage of Princess Sirinthorn in various part of Thailand.  I am interested in your DVDs and photo gallerys for this project which we will establish 10 school each year. Would you please offer me for the special prices because we use for education purpose only.
A10) Always happy to help education establisments, if you email me from the establishment and if you purchase the dvds through the website I will put an extra dvd in for you, click on website link to purchase DVDs


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