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PADI Dive Course Questions

Q1) I am writing with regards to the PADI Master Scuba Diver course. I would like to receive further information about this courses. I already hold the PADI Open Water Referral and I am planning to take further qualification soon in order to do the PADI Master Scuba Diver in summer as part of an internship.

Could you let me know about availability, dates, locations and prices, please? Apart from the course, is accommodation offered as well?
A1)  Will get some course directors to advise you directly.

Q2) I have recently arrived in Central America and plan on working here in the dive industry for the foreseeable future. I wish to work mainly as a Staff Instructor aiming to get my Master Instructors. Previously I have worked in Koh Tao where I staffed 4 IDCs at a busy dive school.

I have been looking to work on Utila, however, I have been told that they do not hire Staff Instructor but would allow me to work for them if I were to pay $300 per course.

It seems strange to me that I should have to pay to work for them and wanted to see if this was a standard practice in the Caribbean too.  I would be grateful for any information you could provide. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.  Just to be clear this information was not from Andy but from another dive center. I not yet arrived in Utila (will be there in 2 days) however when I do I will contact Andy directly and see how he runs his IDC.
A2) I personally think that this sounds fair and reasonable (a discounted  course rate in return for some work to initially gauge your ability with a view to further employment or work) but if you are saying you are already a Staff instructor then it makes no sense that you should be charged to teach per course and having had a business relationship with Andy at Utilla I can assure you he has the highest moral and business standards. Will forward this to him and hopefully you will hear back from him

Q3) Me and my wife are wanting come work in the Philippines. We are both Divemasters, me for a year and her just completed. I am wanting to do an IDC and find employment in the area, she will guide or assist me in courses. I know it is harder to find work in the Philippines vs Thailand, especially with her being a DM. But in general, we are needing an idea of where would be the best area for me to do an IDC and for both of us to find work?
If your area can provide that, then GREAT! Thank you for your time.
A3) We have the best Course Directors in Thailand and the Philippines on the Guide, I will forward your email to them for you to decide where you want to do your IDC and seek work.

Q4) I am a divemaster looking to become an instructor. I will be in Mexico at the start of 2013. Do you have any courses scheduled for the start of 2013? What is the full cost incurred including relevant padi material. As I am currently travelling I have left my gear in Borneo, do you offer rental equipment during training? Do you offer any form of internship?
A4) Will get the relevent Dive Centre to contact you with their offers for the IDC and accomodation.

Q5) I am a UK based Course Directory and  just wondering how I get a presence on your site. Several of our PADI IDC candidates recently have said how good it is and I wanted to advertise myself but also advertise your site as a way for the candidates to prepare themselves. For example you have a huge article about/by Steve Prior. Something similar maybe? Or if I did an offer, some kind of discount on an IDC.
A5) As you are UK based we are happy to keep you  on file but Steve is our choice of UK Course Director and that will remain for the time being I hope and think

Q6) Looking for training for my son who has been diving since he was 8 years old. He was certified the first year PADI allowed 10 year olds get certified. He is looking for an internship, needs rescue and divemaster, and possibly instructor.I am looking into what his cost will be for this including rent of apartment. I also want to know if you have a working internship.
A6) Impressive, will request the relevant dive centre to contact you.

Q7) I’m interested in taking a rescue dive course sometime in early December. May this be possible? I’m currently NAUI open water and advanced certified and am CPR and First Aid qualified. I’m originally form the US but living in Germany. I would have to take the course in English. Thanks for any information!
A7) Our German PADI Course Director will be in touch shortly

Q8) I Purchased the idc guide dvd , i just got it and it semms that is some kinmg of error or joke, this disc that you send me is not even a dvd , is a made out cd room with a bunch of pictures of fish in it, i want you to please tell me what is going on, this is not what you promise me , if you don’t have the dvd that you promissed me please refund my account.
A8) Are you looking at the disk on your TV DVD player? that maybe your problem. You have a DVD not a CD, this dvd can be viewed in entirety on your PC, there is all the  documents, videos and images on it, we are the world authority on revision for PADI DM and IDC so we are very much not a joke 🙂 This dvd represents years and years of research and puts together the best collection of revision documents available. [emailed back to say he was viewing it on his standard dvd player on his TV and said sorry]

Q9) HI, i have failed the theory exam twice and am studying to complete it the thrid time around but i am unable to find the timetable that shows me when the next IE is happening.
A9) Have you got the revision dvd yet? You will get the revision document emailed immediately and the dvd is posted next day. Your IE dates will be available from your local PADI IDC dive centre or PADI regional office.

Q10) I have been out of teaching for some time and I would like to get back to teaching again. My instructor no is attached. I miss teaching and my present employment will no longer requires me to work week ends or to travel. Please let me know my options. Thank you in advance for your help.
Depending on the amount of time you have spent out of Teaching status you will probably be required to take the IDC / IE again. You can get the new revision DVD from here to ensure you are prepared for the new course / exams and also will forward your details onto a US based Course Director next time we chat with them




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