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Dive Students Questions

Here are some sample questions and answers from people that want to become dive instructors

Q- In the next 6 months i am hoping to start a scuba dive internship I am currently a non qualified diver hoping to achieve my IDC and my MSDT and maybe further that as long as i can secure a long career in the dive industry , just after some advice really ,i am serious about my career change and am prepared to work hard to get there.

A – Thanks for the email, what steps have you made currently? have you tried diving yet? have you gone to your local dive club yet to ask for a try dive in their pool? have you booked your internship? we have been in exactly the same position as you so know the excitement of such a big change in life is offset by the fact that there is so many things to sort out and take care of so we probably have lots of the answers. Give us a reply to the above and we can probably give some good advice.

There is a world of adventure out there waiting for anyone but you need to be prepared to adjust to work in another climate / culture / country with sometimes with the hassle of work permits / visa runs and corrupt officials (depending on your resort of choice). Make sure you do your Internship or IDC in a resort you would like to stay in yourself making sure the diving is good so dont end up at a place that gives you a ‘great deal’ but you end up living and working in a place that where diving conditions are horrible with bad vis and tired dive sites.

I would recommend doing some fun dives with the centre you choose first to see if you are going to like it and get on with them but if you want recommendations for places to do an internship. I would say you have a world of choice but would like to think you would want to do it either in Egypt, Thailand (Phuket not Pattaya) on in the Caribbean in Honduras, there are other places in the world but these tick all the right boxes for quality diving / volume of customers / fun / lifestyle / and potential for making a great start to your diving career.

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