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PADI IDC Guide Revision Exams and Documents

We recently have re-launched this dvd to ensure you get the best information possible for your prospective IDC courses that we hope you are planning. The DVD now contains sample instructor CVs for you to tailor for yourself once you complete and pass your PADI IDC and IE. The disk doesnt contain any PADI documents or text and we will never sell original exams from the PADI IDC or IE, so don’t bother asking:) Even if you could get hold of the original exams it would be a dangerous thing to do to cheat during your IDC and IE as you have you know your subject 100% before you can look after real students.

There are no short cuts to being a dive instructor and I suggest you study the dive revision and get as much pool time with students as you can in the lead up to your IDC course.

Take a look here for the current PADI IDC revision exams and documents

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