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PADI IDC and IE Quiz 5: Diving Skills

Diving Skills Quiz

  1. What is the primary purpose of the buddy check before a dive?
    • A) To ensure compatibility with your dive buddy
    • B) To check each other’s gear for safety and readiness
    • C) To plan the dive route
    • D) To practice communication signals
  2. How should you equalize your ears during a descent?
    • A) By swallowing or gently blowing against pinched nostrils
    • B) By ascending a few meters
    • C) By shaking your head side to side
    • D) By drinking water
  3. What is the correct way to recover a regulator if it’s knocked from your mouth underwater?
    • A) Rapidly ascend to the surface for air
    • B) Use the buddy breathing technique
    • C) Perform the regulator recovery skill by sweeping your arm or reaching behind your shoulder
    • D) Signal for help and wait for assistance
  4. What is the most efficient finning technique for most recreational divers?
    • A) Flutter kick
    • B) Dolphin kick
    • C) Frog kick
    • D) Scissor kick
  5. When performing a controlled emergency swimming ascent (CESA), what is crucial?
    • A) Holding your breath for buoyancy
    • B) Exhaling continuously while ascending
    • C) Ascending as quickly as possible
    • D) Using your dive weights to ascend
  6. What is the key to maintaining neutral buoyancy?
    • A) Constantly inflating and deflating your BCD
    • B) Holding your breath at regular intervals
    • C) Mastering breath control and proper weighting
    • D) Using only your fins to ascend and descend
  7. How should you approach marine life while diving?
    • A) As closely as possible for a better view
    • B) With slow and controlled movements
    • C) Quickly to catch them off guard
    • D) It’s best to try and touch them for a full experience
  8. What is the best practice for ascending at the end of a dive?
    • A) As fast as your fins can take you
    • B) No faster than your smallest exhaled bubbles
    • C) In a rapid, straight line to the surface
    • D) Without exhaling to maintain buoyancy
  9. In case of a mask flooding, what should you do?
    • A) Remove the mask immediately
    • B) Keep calm and clear the mask using the exhalation technique
    • C) Ascend to the surface to empty the mask
    • D) Signal to your buddy to clear it for you
  10. What is the correct response if you start to feel panicked underwater?
    • A) Swim rapidly to distract yourself
    • B) Stop, breathe, think, and act
    • C) Immediately ascend to the surface
    • D) Ignore the feeling and continue the dive

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