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PADI Elearning

The areas the PADI Elearning Dive Theory online course covers are:

The Physics of Diving
The Physiology of Diving
Diving Equipment and Decompression
Theory and the recreational Dive Planner
The Diving Environment Diving Skills

Each section is done as a video presentation, which is broken down into Subsections.

For example:-
The physics of diving is 68 slides, and a total of 39 minutes long
Each is a section then subsections inside the slides
Dive Physics  is a section then subsections

  • Heat light and sound in water
  • Buoyancy
  • Pressure and Water
  • Pressure Volume and Density relationships
  • Gases underwater – partial pressure
  • Gases underwater – Gas Absorption and elimination

You test yourself between each section to check understanding.then at the end of all the sections the section exam.

This will cost you $100 US, your better and much cheaper option is to buy our IDC Guide Dive Theory DVD Pack that includes all the above plus much more, take a look at our IDC Guide PADI DM / IDC Dive Theory Pack

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