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step_oneTell us who you are, you must be a PADI IDC or CDC.

step_twoWe check you out and discuss your options on the IDC Guide.

step_threeOur PADI Course Directors consider your inclusion.

If you are a Course Director or a 5* PADI IDC or CDC then you can apply to be included in the Guide

Here’s roughly how it works:

  • Start the process by sending us your details.
  • We consider your Dive Center / IDC Course.
  • Our Founding PADI Course Directors have the right to veto your application.
  • We accept or decline your application for inclusion in the IDC Guide
  • We contact you with details for 1, 2 or 3 years inclusion in the Guide.
  • We request an informal interview with you to get answers to common questions and you need to provide full answers.
  • You supply us recently photos of your IDC, Facilities and diving for inclusion on your gallery page
  • You may be offered the option to sponsor a Dive Theory / Information page on the Guide.

We are currently considering IDCs / Course Directors from all the main IDC regions in the world, as you can see we have some very experienced and premier Course Directors already within the IDC Guide board, we now need to choose Course Directors from all the main diving / IDC regions of the world.

The focus for us isn’t about paid advertising for PADI IDCs, but the collation and sharing of knowledge between dive educators and students, so we ask you to do quite a bit of text, in the way of an interview / introduction about yourself, and provide lots of photos and perhaps even review and sponsor a dive theory section to ensure the changes in the dive theory parts of the IDC are reflected instantly and we are never out of date.

If you decide to apply by sending us a message using the form above and then want to take your inclusion application further then will ask the other Course Directors for their opinion of you / your business, we do some research of our own, then organise your webpages (text / photos) to be put online. and guarantee your placement and exclusivity for your region (Country / State / Area)

If you want to take this further then we will ask the other Course Directors for their opinion of you / your business do some research of our own then organise your webpages (text / photos) I will put all your info online. and guarantee your placement.

What we offer:

  1. Placement within the guide and exclusivity for your region
  2. Monthly referrals (from website enquiries and idc-guide info packs)
  3. Full page editorial on the idc-guide website to your site, full details about your diving operation including contact details.
  4. You will invariably receive an increase in website traffic to your site from our site (from your specific page on our site) (averaging 30+ per month at the moment, which should result in more course enquires directly to yourselves)
  5. Exclusivity – The entry for your region will be yours on the guide as long as you want it, you have first refusal on renewal.
  6. IDC-Guide will be promoted and updated to continue its growth (we have been online since start of 2010 and we have long term plans for this IDC Guide)
  7. Entry into the fastest growing and youngest site dedicated to the PADI IDC course.
  8. In future idc-guide will be developed to take IDC course bookings and pay you directly for the course (minus any commission due that is pre-arranged)
  9. Updates and additions to your page for free during your membership time
  10. Continued promotion of IDC Guide.
  11. Indirect benefit to our Google Adwords / PPC campaigns for the IDC Guide

What we want from you

  1. Unique Text about yourself and your center with unique Photos of a recent IDC and your facilities
  2. Prompt response to our potential students that we provide you on a monthly basis (website enquiries are send to you immediately – same day they come to us)
  3. Full honest answers to our interview questions and details about your PADI achievements (Platinum status / PADI recognition awards)
  4. Inclusion fees and renewal fees paid promptly.

Some info about idc-guide

  1. Regarding potential IDC / DM Students from the idc-guide site enquiry forms and the IDC packs enquiries and sales we have so far directly referred nearly 4000 clients to course directors.
  2. The website idc- has increased its visitor numbers every month since inception,
  3. We refer on a weekly basis students to the guide’s Course Directors.

Additionally we normally would like to know if you you be able to provide anything in terms of dive theory or videos / information to the site? this isn’t a pre-requisite but may influence your entry should we get multiple¬† Course Directors short listed from the same region.