IDC Guide

Working in Australia

An example / typical enquiry we receive, proves you can work anywhere in the world as a PADI Dive Instructor, but of course you will need to pass your IDC and IE and have a work permit in the country you want to work in. The following enquiry was sent to our Australian Course Director

Hi I am hoping you can help me, I want to find work as a Scuba Instructor in Australia. I’m french – 38 years old. I’m filmmaker and cameraman, specialized in documentary films. It’s works well for me. I have a 2 years old child. My wife is a scientist. She has a job proposition in Brisbane, Australia. I am therefore preparing myself to change my life and perhaps my work too !!!

I’m only level 2 / Advanced Open Water with around fifty dives. I need to began Level IV / Dive Master for been trained since I would like to become a diving instructor.

Could you train me ? How much does it costs ? Would you be interested that I work for you and in exchange you would train me?

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