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Enquires to a typical Dive Center

Here is sample selection of dive centre enquiries that you may have to deal with on a daily basis if you get your dream job to become an Instructor / Dive Centre owner, could you handle this part of the job (most Instructors dread this part of the job each day)

Tech Diving
1, Good day, My name is Jane and im currently living in Bangkok. I will be coming down to Krabi beginning of June and im looking to do the TDI Cavern Diver course. (June 5-10) I am currently a PADI Sidemount instructor and Tec40 user level. Will you be able to help? Regards

2, I’m traveling to Phuket & Phi Phi in a week or two, dates are not yet definite. I am interested in the TDI’s Cavern Diver course, and I have a couple of question, as follow. – How much is the course with out equipment rental? And how much with equipment? – Is the course given on Phi Phi island, or on Phuket? – The course will take 3 full-days, right? I am able to take the course either in English or Thai. Looking forward to hear back from you.

3, I am planning a vacation on Phuket around Christmas this year (around Dec 23 to Jan 1), and I would like to complete an introductory Tech Dive course then, preferably a DSAT Tech 40 course. I know it is quite a while till then, however I would like to ask if in principle it would be possible to do such a course with your tech diving company during this time. Thanks

4, I’m interested in the TDI Intro to tech course and then the adv nitrox and decompression at a later date. I’ll be in Phuket starting March 2nd and will stay until the 7th I believe. Do you have availability? I’m PADI rescue, nitrox with around 60 dives. Also do you recommend any budget friendly hotels near you? Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you

5, Hi All I will be in Phuket soon Staying at the Merlin Patong I’m interested in doing some day cave dive trips Extended Range Course I am a master Dive but do not have a cave qualification.

6, have some questions about your CMAS 4 star course I have some questions about your CMAS 4 star course. Can I study that course when I do not have a CMAS 3 star certification? What if I in stead come with a PADI Advanced Open Water + PADI Rescue Diver and six PADI Specialities + PADI DiveMaster and 160 logged dives performed respectively in Thailand, Cuba, Phillipines, Egypt, Germany, Sweden and Denmark? I have learned that PADI Rescue Diver equals the CMAS two star. Is that not true? I am considering joining you in September 2014 and do some CMAS diving courses. Either some specialities or the CMAS three star if possible. I have a certified medical clearance form available, in Danish, though. What do you have to say about that?

7, SDI Visual Inspection Procedures Course please can you tell me when your next doing this course and the cost.

8, I saw your website and was interested to learn more regarding internships you offer. I am currently an SDI Divemaster in Sabah, Malaysia (Kota Kinabalu) with over 70 logged dives, and hope to become an OW instructor. I’m an Australian citizen, and can speak English, Korean, and Chinese. Let me know if you were at all looking for someone to join your team, and what costs would be involved.

9, Hi there, I am looking to undertake my TecRec Tec Deep Instructors course, I am a PADI msdt instructor, and have already completed my Tec 50 diver course, I am also TDI Adv Nitrox & deco proc diver. I would also like to undertake at the same time the TDI Adv Nitrox & Deco Proc Instructors course if possible, as I want to be able to teach both PADI & TDI courses. I work full time as an Instructor in Tenerife, Canary Islands. If you can give me an estimate of costs and when you may be able to accomodate me, course duration etc. I appreciate that you may require further information from me.

10, Hello, I’m interested in attending two courses: -Advanced Nitrox – Decompression techniques Please let me know how much time is required to complete both of them and the cost.

11, Hello, I’ll be staying at Villa Royale (Kata Beach) is that near you? If I come and dive with you can you do hotel pick up? I would love to do some nice wrecks with trimix and some nice recreational spots on nitrox. What are your prices? Thanks very much.

12, I’m interested to follow the PADI TecRec 40/45/50 or TDI Advanced Nitrox Diver, Decompression Procedures Diver Extended Range Diver course, open circuit, as far as it goes from a physical point of view, and if possible make training sidemount configuration. I’d like to know if you can follow them French because my English is not up to the complexity of the subject. To locate, I am PADI rescue, deep, nitrox, dry suit, etc. sidemount. ~ 120 dives Do you have a price list?

13, I have CMAS one star and about 60 dives, I’d like to do 2 star rating with intention to progress to work as a dive master. Are there any courses starting in the next 2 weeks please? Many thanks in advance and looking forward to your reply.

14, Could you please let me know if it is possible to do the TDI Advanced Wreck course and the Advanced Wreck Instructor course in march or april next year, I’m flexabile with dates, I’ll fly in just to do the courses. I have checked the prerequisites for the the Instructor course and the only one I don’t have is the Advanced Wreck Course at the student level. The only equiptment I will require are tanks. If it is possible to do this could you please give me a price as well,

15, I would like to pass course Padi level 2, and if possible to combine with some knowledge/course of caverns (consistant with my level). I need equipment (I have only my own compas, computer Suunto Vyper & lamp).I would be also interested by diving in Similan island & Coral islands. Could you give proposal, timing of your course. Please also confirm that Similan island is already open (some site indicates from Nov.1, some from Nov.16) My partner lady Gaby has Padi level 1, 22 divings, but lost some confidence lately. She will need private instruction with a patient & good instructor during 2/3 days to get back to the full pleasure of diving /could you also provide this service ? We are already in Bangkok. Thanks for your quick proposal.

Diving / PADI Courses
1, I am looking to become scuba certified through your classes! I have no prior experience, and am available for the 3-4 day long course. I am looking to be in Aruba around May 15th or 16th. I would like to register by the 16th at the latest, so please let me know if that is possible. Thank you very much!

2, We are 2 adults from Sweden looking for a day trip diving on Sunday May 6th. Could you send me your options? One of us has never dived before the other is an Open Water Diver from 10 years ago and the only complication is one of us is deaf, is that a problem?

3, We (girlfriend and myself – two English divers) Looking prices and options for one day dives. I have dove only once before, but all went very good. The girlfriend is a certified experienced diver (PADI Open Water). Please advise on options and cost. We are targeting a shore dive and a wreck dive. I am staying in a hotel close to your dive centre and would like to get a few dives in during our holiday. I am an experienced PADI diver and would like to a challenging dive. Maybe a wreck or just something with amazing underwater visuals. I plan on bringing a video camera (it will my first time with that hope thats allowed on your dives) and would like to get some worthwhile video to bring back as I have seen your website video of underwater fish and the vis looks great. What are your suggestions?

4, Seriously thinking about  taking a dive professional internship at your dive company. I am a non-diver at the moment, but would like to start with the open water certification and go from there. I will be moving soon as am in Australia currently. I look forward to taking your program but would like to discuss all the dive and training options and get more info before I arrive, such as about the online PADI classes, can you give me any VISA help, and different PADI certification options and levels. I am also very interested in the tech diving courses that I would like to be able to eventually teach. If I come for a week holiday in the next 2 weeks I was wondering if you still have open spots on the dive trips in that week this would be a good way to see if I like your facilities.   I’m also wondering what time one would need to be with you and what time one would be back after the dives. What does it cost for non-divers?

5, We are looking for a local dive tour or diving daytrip. We are holders of a PADI open water certificate. As we are beginners to scuba diving would it be possible to go on some easy diving points. May we know if your firm offers any daytrips and do you have any package deals on will be grateful if you could share details via email return to us.

6, I am looking to book a diving day trip as an anniversary surprise for my wife while we are on holiday. Do I have to somehow manage to make sure she has her PADI certificateion / licence with her or do you not need to see it? Also I notice that you offer 3 different dive packages for day trips to your local dive sites. Can you offer any opinion on which one is considered any better than the others as we want to go on the best one seeing its a special occassion and we dont have much time.

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