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Tech Diving on the rise

Dont ignore it as tech diving is increasing every year, keep your skills current and go tech.

Tech Diving Enquiries

1 Hello, I am thinking about coming to Australia in early 2015 and wanted more information about going from cavern to full cave. I would also like to get a quote on the total course prices and any extras to consider. ie gases, primary light rentals, etc. thanks hope to hear from you. Would like to know the pricelist for: 1) Cavern – full cave 2) Advance Nitrox – Extended range 3) Equipment rental. i am a PADI dive master and wanting to become an instructor. I am wanting to know how much it will cost to become an instrustor with you.

2, Im visiting Honduras shortly and wondered if you are able to accommodate rebreathers. I have an Inspiration vision. I will require sorb and 3 l cylinders. If so, what is your pricing for the above and some guided technical dives, max depth 45m.

3, Would like to do tech 45 DSAT in sidemount . I have the book and can do all the readings before. I will stay longer in Thailand but I am planning a liveaboard leaving on the 10th but it is not confirmed yet

4, I’m interested to get the CMAS certification for Open water level. Please, send me the cost of the packages, and the lenght of time required to complete the course


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