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DM / Dive Instructor Internships

It is quite a few people’s dream to learn to dive / learn to teach diving and to be paid for it, if you want to apply for an Internship firstly you will be lucky to find a dive centre that will accept you but if you want to try via email, the following two advances could be used as a basis for your intial enquries, we recommend you attach a diving photo of yourself and CV.

1, I am a CMAS* diver with plans on continuing my diving education. I have regular dives planned where I live, as well as two diving trips to Greece and Croatia later in May and June. I plan to do my CMAS** in June.

I understand that you have a CMAS*** internship available. I am interested in this and would like to know more about your criteria for applying and whether I could be a potential candidate, and potentially what I could do to better my prospects. Are there employment opportunities after successful completion of the internship? Any information on this would be much appreciated.

2, I’m studying in a Business school (INSEEC) in Lyon, France and I search an internship for minimum 2 months between the 15th may and the 31th august.

I know that you have taken interns last year and it’s the reason that I send you an e-mail today with my resume and my cover letter. I hope that my application will be interest you, I really want to work with your company, I find that it’s really interesting. I search an internship in marketing or sales field because I want to develop my skills in these sector.

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