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Dive Center questions

One thing you are not prepared for when you take over a dive center is the questions you get asked and emailed, its actually a good exercise to look at some of the questions we got asked when running a dive center to see if you could answer these questions correctly, ensuring you adhere to PADI standards where the questions are about courses and to ensure you can give the potential customer a good response. How would you answer the following quesions?

Diver / Student questions:

Would we be allowed to dive every day if we come and do our open water course with you then want to continue diving for the rest of the holiday? We know there are rules and guidelines and want to remain safe.

We want to come and learn to dive with you in Kata, what is the shortest course we can do with you and be qualified, we want the cheapest and best deal you can offer us.

Would it be possible to book a live-aboard open water and advance open water course for 1 person for the end of August?

Do you have availability for 2 persons in the Discover Scuba Diving Course? If you do can we have a ‘qualified’ open water diver who is our friend come along also?

Where are your dive sites for the open water course? and do you offer any discounts on prices for four people? We want our own instructor and want the cheapest price available for our dive course.

Can you please tell me the maximum number of people in your open water dive class?

I am interested in coming to your dive centre in Kata, Phuket to learn to dive. I have about 12 days and would like to get my certifications all the way up to Rescue diver, is this possible?

Please tell me when is the best time to come over to Bali for diving and visiting?

I already have my Discover Scuba Diving cert but i now want to get my Open Water Cert. How much will it cost for me and how many days will it take? What is the best way I can prepare to ensure I spend the most time diving there so I dont waste my holiday in a classroom but enjoy the diving with you.

Can you give me the full cost on doing my advaced open water on a liveaboard in Sharm-el-Sheik, Egypt

hi James, I am looking to learn to dive so do the beginner course (Open Water)  through to PADI Divemaster course for 3 months starting in October. I need all equipment and accomodation. Please contact me with your best deal if possible.

Hi,we are really keen and interested in your PADI discover scuba diving course. May I know your best price for it? There may be 7 of us doing it, will we have our own Instructor? What is the arrangement details of discover diving? Is it in swimming pool or somewhere else?

I am looking for a PADI IDC for myself I am a Divemaster with 300 dives  please send package incl. accomodation and meals, can you give me your cheapest price. I have only 30 dives currently is that enough to start the Divemaster course with you? what is the minimum amount of dives I need to start and complete this course?

I want to do my Divemaster course but am not a strong swimmer, I understand that I must do quite a lot of physical tests to pass this course, is there anyway of not completing these tests and if I must complete them what are the minimum passing times / scores for the exercises. I would also appreciate copies of past Dive Theory Exams if you have them I would appreciate it a lot.


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