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Service Technician Course

My time on Utila was some of the best in my life and something I will remember forever. During my time at UDC I feel like I went from an enthusiastic novice to a competent dive professional. The course was always challenging and the learning curve was steep. I was always pushing myself further and further. The staff would always have faith in my abilities which was a massive encouragement if my confidence ever took a knock. I now feel ready and prepared to start my career in the diving industry. After I lest it was not long before I secured a job and believe this is in no small part due to the reputation of the quality of the education provided at UDC.

I would, and have recommended UDC to anyone who wanted to train at any level of diving. The staff at UDC manage to combine safty and professionalism with fun and excitement. And all the staff there are so passionate about the profession that their enthusiasm is infectious and if you weren’t in love with diving when you arrived you’ll be head over heels by the time you leave.

The staff are what makes UDC what it is. The staff really know their stuff, I can’t imagine a diving problem that they wouldn’t be able to sort out for you. They always go out of their way to make sure you achieve what they know you are capable of and will even give you the BCD of their back or the fins off their feet!

All the best,

Sian 😀

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