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Thailand and Diving

Thailand is situated in South East Asia and by many divers is rated as within the top ten destinations to dive in the world.

Thailand has become a Mecca for many holiday makers for what it has to offer both above and below the seas and has developed into a well organized holiday destination catering for all types of holiday maker from back packers on a budget to families and individuals wanting the holiday of a lifetime.

Thailand offers all year round diving, with the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand. Thailand offers sites for snorkels, students wishing to learn scuba diving through to the most experienced and travelled diver, all catered for by a well developed diving industry.

With options of shore diving, half day diving from a boat, day boat diving, live aboard diving and private charters Thailand’s dive industry offers everything from budget to luxury diving.

With all the dive sites there is an abundance of marine life to see from the smallest nudibranch to occasionally the largest fish or ray in the sea, the whale shark and manta ray. Sites vary from sloping reefs to large granite boulder formations with single boulders up to the size of apartment blocks.

The temperatures all year round underwater vary approximately from 28 to 31 degrees Celsius, though this can on some sites be affected by thermoclines. The visibility averages at about 25 meters but can vary higher or lower, though on most sites this is not due to rain as the sites are generally next to granite and sand islands.
Dive Training Thailand

It is generally accepted that the best diving in Thailand is on the West coast in the Andaman Sea, though this should not detract from visiting the many sites in Thailand that have more to offer than many diving destinations around the world.

Many of the dive sites in Thailand are within National Parks and are protected under Thailand’s laws. This also means that there are National Park fees that must be paid by visitors to these areas. This is worth checking on when booking any trips that go to the National Parks.

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