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Dan Robinson

PADI Course Director & TecRec Trimix Instructor.


Malapascua Exotic Island Dive Resort Logon, Daanbantayan Cebu 6013, Philippines.

Do your PADI IDC with Dan Robinson in the Philippines!

Dan has moved on but now you can take your PADI IDC with Ayala at Malapascua in the Philippines.

Take your IDC in the Philippines with Dan, PADI Course Director & TecRec Trimix Instructor Trainer

About Dan

Dan is originally from Yorkshire, in the north of the UK. He was educated at Oxford University, from where he holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in pure mathematics.

Dan then spent 12 years as an investment banker in London, New York and Amsterdam, specialising in mergers and acquisitions and equity and debt capital markets.

He is now a full-time recreational and technical SCUBA instructor trainer, with a 100 per cent. success rate. Dan has been fortunate enough to have dived and taught in over 20 countries so far, in a variety of conditions, including murky, cold, fresh water (he passed his own IDC and Instructor Exam in the UK). He has dived and trained in strong currents and rivers, as well as clear, calm and shallow tropical seas.

Dan is a full hypoxic advanced trimix instructor trainer and, after graduation, his candidates may train their own students down to 90m (300 feet). Once they have successfully completed their own courses, divers trained by Dan’s candidates then have no depth limit. Cave diving and rebreathers are passions of Dan’s and, amongst other places, he has been lucky enough so far to have explored Florida, Mexico and the UK. One of his more memorable trips was to the World War 2 graves of Truk Lagoon, Chuuk, Micronesia.

What is the philosophy of your company?

Dan and Exotic believe that the principal goal of an IDC should not be to pass an IE. With our small class sizes, we focus on developing confident, effective and efficient instructors and passing the exam is then a natural result. Our courses are intentionally longer than others so we can ensure thorough preparation.

We typically run our programmes over a 16 day period. We start with preparation sessions to practice your dive skills and refresh or upgrade your dive theory from the level of the new PADI Divemaster course to that required to pass your IE comfortably. Emergency First Response and Care for Children Instructor courses are included for those that require them. These are usually spread over two days so you can get a meaningful experience.

You must be a current EFRI and CfCI before PADI will process your Instructor Application. We run a mock IE just before the real thing so you know what to expect. Our facilities are superb, the multimedia air conditioned classroom overlooks the crystal blue water of our own house reef. You may give briefings for your Confined and Open Water presentations around the hammocks on the white sand beach. You will enjoy free diving during your IDC. Boats depart every morning to go and see the thresher sharks out at Monad Shoal and are back by 07:30. Dan still loves diving and will likely join you! Exotic and Dan will do everything possible to ensure that your stay with us not only meets but exceeds your expectations and when you leave you not only have passed that exam but have the skills, knowledge and, most important, the confidence to go out and be the best instructor you can be.

Why should you take your IDC with Dan and Exotic?

Dan is committed to each of his students individually and runs every IDC in person. He is detail-focused and develops strong empathy with all of his students. This allows him to identify and develop the best of his candidates’ strengths and help them overcome any weaknesses in order to enhance their skills, knowledge and confidence. Dan specialises in teaching the physics and decompression theory and recreational dive planner topics. With his background in maths, he adapts the level from those who struggle right up to experts. Dan and the team particularly love to train Filipinos! Whatever your nationality, you will be in small groups, so you will get the personal attention you are paying for. Being part of the Exotic team will also give you experience of how one of the most successful dive resorts in the Philippines functions. Our emphasis is on quality of service, not numbers of instructor candidates trained.

Has anything funny happened during your IDC courses?

A dog was “helped” into the swimming pool during an IE and swam right between the PADI Instructor Examiner and the candidates. Nobody knew where to look, but, to his credit, the Examiner did not even flinch! Even though it is a potentially stressful experience, we always do our best to help you relax and enjoy yourself.

What do his IDC students think of Dan?

Dan did both my PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) and my IDC Staff Instructor Course, in a mix of French and English. He ran both courses at the right level for me, while adapting for the other candidates. As an advanced full hypoxic TecRec Trimix Instructor Trainer, Dan’s skills are first class. He develops role model knowledge of PADI Systems, Standards and Procedures and Dive Theory–Physics; Physiology; Equipment; Skills and the Environment; and Decompression Theory and the DSAT Recreational Dive Planner (RDP). Dan has helped me find permanent employment and continues to mentor me towards acceptance on to a Course Director Training Course.”

Anh-Vu Nguyen, 2012 PADI OWSI and IDCS

What else do you like to do when not training instructors?

Dan enjoys running and swimming, but, to be honest, when he’s not leading IDCs, he is normally training tec instructors!

What does Dan love about being a Course Director?

Helping students with difficulties (e.g. languages) overcome any issues and become confident instructors.

What does the future hold for Dan?

Dan plans to help grow the Resort as an IDC destination. Exotic certainly has the location and facilities and the professional, experienced staff to make it the perfect choice for Divemaster and Instructor candidates who want to become outstanding dive educators. You will be able to continue your education right up to trimix instructor. With their free internship programme it is the ideal location to gain those additional speciality ratings that set you apart from the rest.

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