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PADI Answer Keys

We are here to help but you need access to the PADI Pros website area for answer keys as this exchange demonstrates:

[idc student] Thank you for offering these PADI IDC Revision notes. I look forward to receiving them so I can prepare for upcoming IDC classes!

One additional question: As I begin studying for the written portion of the IE, I have the following tests: Dive Theory Exams 1 and 2, and PADI Systems Standards and Procedures Exam 1 and 2. To help in studying, I’m looking for the answer keys for these four tests. Would you happen to have them or know where I can get them? Thanks for your help!

[idc-guide] Hi Where did you get these exams from? are they official IE exams or exams that your Course Director has given you to practise?

[idc student] No, not official IE tests. These exams were given to us by our Course Director, and they are the same practice exams that are found in the Padi Course Director Manual (2010). However, I’m finished with my practice exams and I want to go back and check to see what I got correct and what I missed. Apparently the answer keys for all four tests (Dive Theory 1 & 2, and Systems, Standards and Procedures 1 &2) are only available on the Padi Pro website. Unfortunately I don’t have access to that site yet, so I can’t download the keys to see how I did. If you have them, great! If not, no worries. Very much appreciate your help!

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