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Instructors not in Teaching Status

PADI are currently inviting old Instructors to regain their PADI Instructor Teaching Status, they are currently sending out emails to Instructors, see the email below that they are sending out (this one is from PADI Asia Pacific) Would be really interested to know what the conversion rate is for these invites.

You spent a lot of time, hard work and money becoming a PADI Instructor. Perhaps you planned an exciting new career or maybe you intended to teach only occasionally. But sometimes life interferes with even the best of plans. It has been a few years since you were last a renewed PADI Instructor but there has never been a better time to be a PADI Instructor.  However, when Instructors have a break in continuous membership they are required to complete some retraining prior to a return to Teaching status. The amount of retraining depends upon how long it has been since the last renewal. The minimum requirement in your case is to renew your membership and then complete the free Member Update Online in the PADI Pros Site at

Although some PADI Members find it easy to jump back into teaching, many prefer a thorough refresher. The Training Department at PADI Asia Pacific created the Instructor Update Online program for just this reason. This comprehensive and convenient program will bring you up-to-date on all the changes in the PADI System of diver education since your last renewal, making it easy for you to return to teaching scuba as a PADI Professional.

The Instructor Update Online program includes:
•    A comprehensive review of all PADI Standard, course and procedure changes since your last renewal.
•    An introduction to Prescriptive Teaching techniques using PADI Prescriptive Lesson Guides
•    Proven tips and suggestions developed by successful PADI Instructors to ensure a successful return to the dive industry
Program Fee is only AU$ 395.00 (Plus AU$ 39.50 GST if residing in Australia) and includes all this:
•    Your PADI Instructor renewal fee for 2011
•    Access to a current edition of the Digital PADI Instructor Manual
•    A new instructor certification card
•    Access to all online presentations
•    Course materials

What does the program entail?

After sign-up you’ll be sent course materials and access to the PADI Pros site download of the PADI Instructor Manual
•    Watch 5 online program presentations
•    Free access to the 9 IDC eLearning presentations – a $320 Value
These programs are valued at more than $1000! Register today before you miss your opportunity to participate in this flexible and informative option to regaining Teaching Status.

To confirm your eligibility and reserve your space, call the PADI Member Services Team

There has never been a more exciting time to be a PADI Instructor. Remember – you are not required to complete Instructor Update Online to be eligible for Teaching Status.

However, if you are looking for an in-depth refresher before taking the plunge, don’t miss this great opportunity.

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