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Where shall I do my IDC?

A comment question and once I asked myself, this exchange gives some insight into a Divemaster’s thinking and the IDC Guide’s replies may help you think about where you want to do your IDC.

[UK Divemaster] I  am looking for a course director and to complete the PADI IE. This website was suggested to me by a friend and I was hoping you could help. I am a PADI assistant instructor and have completed my EFR instructor course also. Do you have an dates for an IDC and IE coming up?

[IDC Guide] Where do you fancy doing your IDC? In the UK we work with ‘the best’ Course Director Steve Prior  who does IDCs in the UK and Egypt but have Course Directors all over the world that you could do it with. what are you plans after the IDC and do you plan to work in resort as an Instructor ? or simply want / need the qualification?

[UK Divemaster]Thanks for getting back to me so promptly. I have mostly dived around the Caribbean and I have many links around the Caribbean so there or the UK. However I have also looked at Steve Prior’s website and if there are more suitable dates for me in Egypt then I am willing to travel wherever, I am pretty flexible at the moment. I remember my instructor speaking about him during my DM and AI so thank you for bringing him back to my attention. I plan to work in a resort as an Instructor yes but also maybe work freelance at some point in the future onboard yachts as I am also pursuing my passion for sailing and hoping to become a Yachtmaster.

If I were to find an IDC suitable for me and with a course director who can accommodate me, how would I then go on to sign up for an Instructor Exam or is this something my course director would personally help me with?

[IDC Guide] A tip about getting a job after your IDC, you get more chance of being taken on if you have done your IDC with that company so with Steve you would get a ‘foot in’ with Emperor Divers in Sharm in Egypt. if you dont want to work in Egypt then there are other choices but the combination of Steve and Sharm is pretty hard to beat.

Regarding doing your IDC  with any course director, the IE is an assumed inclusion for all IDC candidates, you simply fill out the IE forms and pay PADI if you are put forward to the IE at the end of your IDC. This is a well oiled machine and your Course Director will give you dates / times of the IDC and IE which normally follows straight after.

Feel free to call or email but will forward this email to Steve if you want to do your IDC in Egypt  who will contact you shortly, Have a look here if you want to consider Central America and the Caribbean for your PADI IDC

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