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Do I practice teaching on “real” students during my PADI IDC?
No, not necessarily. Your classmates and the Course Director will be role playing as your students. This builds confidence without the anxiety of making mistakes. Remember, the middle word in “IDC” is “Development”.

“Shallow-water-blackout,” as may be seen in breath-hold dives, is due to:

  • a) both elevated carbon dioxide and lack of oxygen
  • b) nitrogen buildup from prolonged time under water
  • c) seizures brought on by the breath hold in susceptible people
  • d) lack of oxygen from prolonged breath holding
  • e) elevated carbon dioxide from prolonged breath holding
  • f) lack of oxygen from prolonged breath holding

Did you know why 1975 is important in PADI history?

1975: PADI formalizes the first training program to qualify instructor trainers – the Course Director Training Course.

At what depth will you reach 1ATM of pressure?

A scuba diver (or anyone, for that matter) is affected by 1 ATM of pressure on the surface, at sea level. 1ATM is normal atmospheric pressure.

Of the factors below which is the same for air embolism and for decompression sickness?

  • a) composition of the gas bubbles
  • b) principal location of gas bubbles in the body
  • c) cause of the bubbles
  • d) time of onset of symptoms in relation to the end of the dive
  • e) method of treatment

Is this True or False? It’s OK to harvest coral as long as it’s not alive.

False This misconception is all too common. It is NEVER acceptable to touch, harvest or otherwise molest a coral formation.

Did you know why 1986 is important in PADI history?

PADI’s research and development affiliate, Diving Science and Technology (DSAT produces the Recreational Dive Planner (RDP), Wheel and Table version released in 1998.

Did you know why 1985 is an important year in the history of PADI?

PADI becomes the first training organization to establish independent testing of instructor candidates with the new Instructor Development course (IDC) and Instructor Examination (IE) program.

True or False: A pony tank is only for emergencies

True. Although some people would say its used for supplemental air so they can dive longer we believe that the best use of the pony tank is for a fully redundant air source for use only in emergencies.

When does an air embolism occurs?

  • a) descent only
  • b) ascent or descent, depending on where the diver holds his or her breath
  • c) ascent or descent, depending on where the diver runs out of air
  • d) ascent only, and only with breath holding
  • e) ascent only, and depends on factors such as breath holding and state of the diver’s lungs
  • f) ascent only, and depends on factors such as breath holding and state of the diver’s lungs

First aid treatment for a decompression illness should always include 100% inhaled oxygen because:

  • a) it stimulates the heart to pump harder
  • b) it hastens the elimination of nitrogen
  • c) it hastens the elimination of carbon dioxide
  • d) it helps to keep the patient from hyperventilating
  • e) the victim’s blood is usually low in oxygen
  • f) it hastens the elimination of nitrogen

What is Hypoxia?

  • Oxygen Starvation
  • Hunger
  • Low Blood pressure

What is nitrogen narcosis?

Nitrogen narcosis is intoxication by nitrogen. It can can occurs at shallow depths where the amount of nitrogen in your body can reach toxic levels. The symptoms are similar to alcohol intoxication.

What does the “thumping on the chest” signal mean?

The “thumping on the chest” signal means “running out of air”

What’s involved with the Instructor Development Course?

During the IDC, you will be introduced to the PADI system of diver education. The IDC covers all the courses you will be able to teach after becoming certified as an Open Water Scuba Instructor. You will have the opportunity to practice teaching in the classroom, pool and open water. The IDC must be conducted over a minimum of seven days but is typically conducted over 10 – 12 days with some Course Directors offering a pre-idc course.

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