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Dive Instructor wanting Adventure

Here is a couple wanting some help in South East Asia

PADI Pro since 2006. Reached Instructor level in 2007 and IDCS level in 2008.
Specialty Instructor: Wreck, Night, Drift, Deep, Navigation, Nitrox and Sidemount.
Currently 450+ certifications issued.
Over 4200 dives
EFR Instructor
DAN BLS and CPR Instructor
MARES service engineer

The reason for our writing to you is the fact that you are a very well established Course Director in the part of the world we would like our next (long term) adventure to be. And we hope you can help us find our new adventure, since you probably know who we could contact…

We are a IDC Staff instructor 400+ certifications, 4200+ dives and a partner that is an organizational wizard, a couple that turned life around 6 years ago. We wanted to get out of the stress of our high paid jobs in search of a much simpler life. We sold all our possessions and moved to a small island in the Panamanian Caribbean (Isla Bastimentos).

We started out as a management couple for a hotel/restaurant owned by a German couple who wanted to go on a big break (1 year). When this period ended we opened our own diveshop and made this into a great success. At the end of 2013 we sold our shop to travel and enjoy a sabbatical (the shop still operates under the name. On Tripadvisor you can find reviews about us. The “earlier” ones apply to us).

Now it is time for us to find our new destiny and our eyes are set on your part of the world… (Asia anyway). We offer ourselves as a very experienced (small) resort and/or dive operation management couple. And we were hoping you might know some businesses in your area that might be looking for such a thing. We’ll be happy to send our CVs, photos and contact information to anyone who might be interested. Again, please accept our apologies for taking up your time, but we hope you can help us.

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