IDC Guide

Inclusion within this guide for Course Directors / IDCs

This guide to the padi idc hasn’t been opened up to ‘all world’ yet and doesnt want to be a ‘volume’ advertiser of the PADI IDC but wants to be a quality producer of PADI IDC dive theory info and highlighter of quality PADI course directors, as such the founding Course Directors get to chat about other Course Directors that want to be included every month (idc-guide and the ‘founding course directors’ are allowed to veto any application) This ensures a high standard of future entries. To maintain our standards we have three categories that must be passed to guarantee inclusion, our guidelines are broadly:

1, Course Director / IDC Reputation, be in good standing with PADI and IDC students
2, Website standards / quality must be modern / unique and imformative
3, Any application may not be in direct Competition with other CDs

Membership of the IDC-Guide is reviewed annually and the minimum term of inclusion is 1 year.

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