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You can now reach any dive center in the world with an email and traditionally this is the first contact you will have with your Course Director / Dive Center Manager for your PADI IDC, below are sample replies you may get when emailing the center.

Instructor Internships

About 10 years ago I came from the UK to take the OWSI at the time of doing it I was a Divemaster and have dived many times before. It was hard to find a company offering a fully-inclusive dive training packages. Professional internships were not that commonly offered by dive centers. Dive internships as we know them today were created by student demand in some of the more popular resort type dive environments. I trained over several months and was immediately found work at a Dive center in Thailand. This allowed me to work all over Thailand and into the Philippines before returning in 2001 to work full time as an employed dive instructor.

Over the last 10 years I have really enjoyed the dive industry and seen many divers and non-divers arrive here for the training and start great new careers. I do sincerely appreciate that you have a lot of important choices to make as made them myself and deal with divers daily making the same move.

As a long standing PADI Career Development Center we specialize in running programs for the serious diver that wishes to make the scuba diving profession their life, over and above divemaster. To assist you with employable training we have 2 Platinum Course Directors. Both are FULL time staff members and hence always there to work with you. There are less than 100 Platinum Course Directors in the world. It is a qualification given to the CD for excellence in Instructor Training. There are only 3 centers in the world to have 2 full time Platinum Course Directors.

Job Assistance

We run an active job assistance service where we assist with your finding your first scuba diving job. We have built a reputation of raising first class instructors and many have jobs or at least interviews even before they are instructors due to our reputation and also the candidates networking skills. All of our divers graduating from the program will have the first choice of all new scuba diving jobs being offered by our dive centers.

Whats Included?

To go from Divemaster to Instructor we run a program which is 3 months long.

This is Fully inclusive of equipment which is yours to keep (if you have your own we credit you), all fees (Including IDC and IE fee), EFR CFC, EFRI, DAN O2, 5 Instructor Specialty courses, all training aids and manuals, un-limited diving, PADI Full-face mask communication, some meals, airport transfer etc, 3 months accommodation and great training.

Our Facilities

We have extremely comprehensive training facilities – so much so that we have many instructors and divemasters from other shops coming to us for training so that they can offer similar services from their shops. This is a good way for you to network and secure work. Our facilities are the most comprehensive all along the eastern seaboard and the only facilities specifically designed for internships or the longer term diver.

The packages that we offer are great value for money. Many of the interns that we receive are not actually looking at working in Thailand but wish to join us to take advantage of the superb training offers.

With regards to visas for Thailand – these can be easily achieved. Once you know that you’d like to join for the dive training, we issue two documents to you by email. The first is a copy of our company Registration document here in Thailand. The second is a letter of ‘invitation to study’ here with us. Armed with these documents you will be able to gain an education visa from your local Thai embassy. The visa can be for as long as required. The visa process is just one day if in person and usually 5 working days if by post.

Please do check the web links as they are most useful and please come back to me with any specific questions. I shall be sure to respond in a factual and timely fashion.

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