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Scuba Diving DVD –

Egypt The Red Sea

Remind yourself how beautful the marine life is in Egypt

New and Updated DVD
Dive Trips
The complete Scuba Diving DVD for the Egyptian Red Sea
Region Free Professionally Produced DVD with Menus and Chapters
This is all new footage from dive trips

Want to know what its like diving in Egypt?
Want to revisit some of your favourite dive sites?
Experience the wonder of the Egyptian Red Sea with this amazing collection of underwater videos

DVD comes complete with printed turtle label and paper sleeve /case

Dive sites in the Egyptian Red Sea

  • Pinnacle
  • Straits of Tiran
  • Shark and Yolanda Reefs at Ras Mohammed
  • Straits of Gubal / Thistlegorm

Be amazed by Manta Rays and Whale sharks and by the complete range of reef fish all the way through this amazing journey of the very best diving Egypt has to offer. If you like this dvd why not also purchase the Thailand DVD also, they make a great combination

Shark and Yolanda reefs, like two tiny islands, lie almost exactly at the tip of the Sinai peninsula. The spectacular coral wall at Shark Reef, 800m deep, juts out into a deep water channel that runs the length of the Red Sea.

Great barracuda, snapper, circular batfish, big-eye jacks and surgeon fish meet here in schools of several hundred in summer. Watch the pink snapper blot out the sunlight with their sheer weight of numbers. Become a black hole in the centre of a barracuda school as they circle around you. And stay ever-vigilant for reef sharks patrolling the depths.

Next, cruise along Yolanda’s coral garden. Even on a quiet day underwater, here you are guaranteed to find blue-spotted stingrays, giant moray eels, and well camouflaged scorpion fish. Not to mention the famous cargo deposited by the wrecked cargo ship Yolanda.

  • Great DVD package of the best dive experiences
  • Professionally produced DVD
  • Sharm Local DIve sites and Liveaboard diving to the Thislegorm
  • Over 80 mins video
  • SIX Chapters covering the best and most popular dive sites in Egypt
  • Complete collection of the common and not so common marine life in the Egyptian Red Sea caught on film
  • Brand New Edition
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