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Ferry Sneekes

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Dominican Republic

Ferry Sneekes

Take your IDC with the Caribbean Dive College and get to know the diversity of the Dominican Republic in diving, you will not only get certified but leave qualified.

About Ferry

He found the best way to get new professionals comfortable and competent in teaching divers after the IE. No role play during Dive master courses but assisting the Instructors in DSD dives and see what is really necessary to take novice divers out in the ocean.

Ferry Sneekes really puts an effort in the personal needs of the students and includes extra theory classes to get everybody’s knowledge at the required level, to be able to focus on the teaching part of the IDC and not the theory.

The best reward for him is to see the large amount of passed students that stay active and are successful in the Diving Industry after completing the Instructor training.

Part of that success is including Padi Instructor specialties in the programs so that new Instructors are more comfortable to teach also continuing education courses once they start their careers.

What is the philosophy of your company?

You will not only get certified but will leave qualified.

Ferry’s history

Padi Course Director Ferry Sneekes is now more then 10 years full time active in the diving industry with the last 5 years focussing on helping divers to make their dream come true and make a living out of a hobby.

Has anything funny happened during your IDC courses?

After giving the problem not to change the snorkel for the regulator during a IDC training dive with the 5 points descent, the Instructor candidate who was in the Instructor role missed the problem.

The student who did not had his reg in descended to 6 meters , sits down with all other role playing students and after 1 minute the Instructor realized he was there with a snorkel in his mouth.

The big big eyes of the Instructor and his confused face was good for a lot of laughs from all afterwards.

What is the reason Divemasters and Assistant Instructors should take their IDC with you?

The DR has a great variety in dive sites,so besides the great and fun training you will receive, you will dive in the Caribbean sea and in the Atlantic ocean , besides that great caves and caverns for beginners and more advanced students, so for Candidates who like can become full cave certified here too.

Also The Dominican Immigration laws are very easy going and makes it easy to work here after being certified, or take the longer internship packages without visa problems.

Also the personal approach with small groups is a great advantage.

What type of diving do you like the best?

Technical diving is still my favourite, and the next step may be to combine it in the deep caves around here.

What else do you like (non diving)?

I just have a son who is now 9 months and my free time I love to spend all with him on the beach, he loves the water already so not much time for other hobbies like kite surfing, wave surfing etc.

What does the future hold for you?

Definitely to continue helping others to achieve there goal to make a living out of their hobby

What do his IDC students think of Ferry?

I arrived in the Dominican Republic a little apprehensive and unsure of what to expect. As soon as I was off the plane and through customs I was met by Ferry.

This was a great introduction of what was to come from the college throughout my course. Ferry was very welcoming and friendly from the start and threw me in at the deep end so to speak by having starting with the theory and course work and dives on my first full day.

The course is very in depth but you have great support from the other instructors and Ferry at all times. To help us out he had us working and leading clients as soon as he thought we were ready, allowing us to gain the vital experience necessary for becoming a good instructor.

I found that the way I did the course, doing Divemaster and then going straight into the Instructor course, was very good for me as all of the necessary theory and skill knowledge was still fresh in my mind.

Ferry is always available to ask question and his teaching methods make the learning enjoyable.

You certainly do make a lot of friends who are always there for moral support and quizzing should you have any questions about anything, not just diving.

As I have made so many good friends, who almost feel like my extended family, I would suggest that anyone who wants to become a diving instructor and have fun whilst doing it should definitely speak to Ferry as the Caribbean Dive College is a great place to spend your time learning.

Danielle Johnson

Hey Ferry, hope u well man!I just wanna say thanx that,u turned my dream into a reality! When we first started speaking before I got to bavaro,I didn’t think it was possible to make diving my job. Now get to make make passion my job!from when I arrived till after the Idc it was fantastic!I made friends that will be friends for life and a dream job!I’m even learning Spanish! thank u once again for making my dream a reality!


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