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Email Requests for work

We get these all the time and suggest that it isn’t the most effective way to gain employment but I guess if your lucky it may work one day, if someone is in dire need of an instructor and you happen to email them that day.

Request 1

I am wondering if you need an extra Dive Master for this month (until June). I have been diving in Coron/Palawan for 4 months, then Sipadan, Derawan and Papua. My previous diving experience includes Belize, Honduras, Read Sea, Zanzibar and Greece (I come from Greece).

I am about to end a fantastic year in S.E. Asia and I would love to spend my last month in Thailand. If an extra Dive Master would be useful for a month, please drop me a line.

I am 32, male,  and  speak English fluently

I am heading to Thailand in a couple of days.

Request 2

I am a PADI Instructor (OWSI) / EFRI and am currently looking for long term employment. I am presently on Pulau Weh, Indonesia, until the end of April, and would love settle permanently in Florida or Australia after that.

As you will see from my attached CV, I have lots of teaching experience in various conditions around the world as well as guiding experience on liveaboards.  I hold the majority of PADI’s Specialty Instructor ratings, including a couple of Distinctive ones, along with the DSAT Gas Blender (EANx) Instructor rating.  I still very much enjoy teaching to all levels, and wish to continue expanding my knowledge, education and experience – working towards becoming a Course Director.  I am currently planning to apply for a place on the CDTC in 2011 or 2012.  At the moment I am waiting for PADI to announce EFR Instructor Trainer dates for the region too.

I am also looking into getting myself legal to work in Thailand at the moment.  I am making inquiries with legal companies, and will be looking to get the necessary documentation / visas / permits as soon as possible.

I would be grateful if you could consider me for any vacancies you may have, or that may arise in the future. I have attached my CV, dive credentials and student counts to this e-mail for you to look over.  Please feel free to contact me should you require any further information

These are example Student dive counts and dive credentials that you will be able to access once you are certified as a PADI professional

Our Thoughts on:

Work Placement Programs

Most Course Directors will offer you some sort of ‘job placement scheme’ but don’t rely on this too much as once you pass your IDC and IE you will generally be left on your own to find a diving job. Their ‘job schemes’ generally work by the Course Director / PADI 5 Star IDC or CDC saying they will try to find work for you within their own companies and then when they are unable to find work for you within their own companies they will encourage you to travel around the local resort’s dive centres handing in your CV, your local phone number (you can normally get local pay as you go phones easily and cheaply). Then if your face fits its hoped that when a “freelance” instructor is needed you will start to get called up when an extra body is needed. The diving CVs given as examples below may give you an idea as to how your one will look, feel free to use them as templates for your own diving history.

Request 3

I am looking for a freelance job as either a Dive Guide, Divemaster or Open Water Instructor. As a way of introduction, I am from Switzerland and speak German, English and a little bit of Spanish. Before I did my SSI Instructor here in Geneva in December. I already worked as a Divemaster guide in the Dominican Republic for a couple of months and gained a lot of experience there working in a Dive Shop and guided fun divers. I have also been working in a big Dive Shop here in my hometown of Geneva selling Diving Equipment for a couple of months so i know my way around Equipment.

You will find that your languages really help whilst looking for work, the Spanish isn’t that important but the German and English combination will very useful when it comes to looking for work

Unfortunately we are not currently looking for any Staff, although as you are probably aware, things change constantly in a high powered resort environments like Honduras, Thailand, Florida and Egypt.

Something to be aware of when looking for work in general, is that there are always an excess of PADI Divemasters and Instructors looking for work so most dive companies tend to employ instructors for DM positions for the obviously flexibility this gives the company, but as in every job in the recreational diving industry it’s a question of who you are, as well as being in the right place at the right time.

Similarly most Liveaboard operations tend to only employ instructors to work as DMs due to the amount of Continuing Education instructors are able to sell customers: Night Diver specialties, Deep, Wreck and Advanced Open Water Courses.

There are very few dive centers that will employ people without ever having met them or had them work for them as free lancer first.

Without a doubt the best idea if you want to work in the recreational diving industry is to become a PADI Instructor, although I can see that if you are only looking at working a few months a year the initial investment might prove expensive, If you was an Instructor right now in resort you would probably be able to get DM work, but you would obviously earn more if employed as an instructor and you would find that you would get a good return on your investment from the IDC Course. I would be surprised if you had not paid it off with a few months of working as an Instructor.

Although you have the SSI Instructor rating, you will find there are very, very few dive centers which do SSI, those who do, only employ SSI instructors who are also PADI Instructors, you can get work as a PADI instructor without being an SSI instructor, but you won’t find work as an SSI Instructor without being a PADI Instructor.

Request 4

I am looking for Scuba Instructor positions that may become available in time for the busy dive season in Egypt. We are both very enthusiastic about the dive industry and are up to date and insured EFR and OWSI instructors, I have 5 teaching specialties (EANx, deep, night, photography and underwater naturalist). I am currently working as a dive instructor in Manley, Australia following a 6 month dive internship in Wellington (New Zealand) which gave me lots of valuable teaching and retail experience. Previously I had been working as volunteer Dive Master and service technician assistant I have excellent communication skills, are organized, hard working and used to supervising others I work well individually and in a team.

I have considerable drive and passion and believe we have a lot to offer. We are self motivated, dedicated and enthusiastic divers who have a thirst for knowledge, enjoy challenges and are constantly looking to broadening technical skills and teaching experience. I have spent a number of months travelling within the Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand and have done several dives in Thailand in  Krabi and Phi Phi and we’d would love the opportunity to explore Thailand’s diving further. We are very flexible with our dates and are happy to travel to whenever the jobs are available.

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