IDC Guide

Instructor Development Business Plan

Ever thought about upgrading your PADI Dive Centre to a Career Development Center  (CDC) ?

If so you will be need to be prepared to answer the following questions

What’s the purpose for applying/what are the goals in obtaining this rating?
How will becoming an IDC center benefit your business?
What are the advantages of your plan that will mean success?
How does your plan grow the instructor development market in your area beyond the current level?
How is your plan different/better than what your instructor-training competitors are doing?
Who is the targeted market/where will your candidates come from?
· List number of current prospects
· Other dive centers that will send you candidates
· Local market demographics
· Outside markets you plan to draw from
What is the marketing plan (include list of all marketing tools – media and materials – to be used)?
What’s the scope of training to be offered and the planned curriculum (including non-PADI programs)?
What are your candidate projections for each of the next three years?
Describe any facility changes, additional equipment, start-up costs, etc. (if any) needed/planned.
What are the expense and income projections associated with this new line of courses for each of the next
three years?
Outline the sales, recruitment and duties training planned for your operation’s staff.
· Identify which components and duties outlined in the business plan are the responsibility of the Course
Director and which are the dive operations.
· List the key staff by name and identify their specific duties within the plan.

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