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Adventures of a Dive instructor part 4

Continuing the Email Updates I was sending to the Dive Centre owner while I was managing the dive centre for him after my PADI IDC during a low season in Phuket 2006-2007
Monday Used Coral Cruiser for Sundays day trips, Coral Cruiser is being renovated for two weeks so they didnt use that boat and the French crew has left and there was some pickup problems but hopefully these will be sorted out and now we have another option as to where to send our divers / students

The accountants still haven’t got my work permit I was going to pick yours up as they have it but it will cost 2000 baht ! didn’t realise you have to pay for them individually, I was in the accountants office today and there is a English guy working there now so I told him how annoyed I am and asked him to phone me as soon as he gets it. I told him it only takes 1 week if you do it on your own manually and he agreed and wondered why its taking so long. I explained that he has had my papers for 6 weeks now but no application had been made until last week ! Almost lost my temper but remained calm 🙂

Paid for car

Girl from Coral Cruiser (French) came to introduce herself and will bring booking / agent information soon

Tuesday One of the divers from Sunday has decided to do her PADI Divemaster with me, pretty pleased with myself today 🙂

Wednesday Guiding / scuba refresher aboard the Excalibur for sea bees, spent the evening sorting out Divemaster training program and talking with other  potential candidates divemaster trainees.

Thursday A fantastic day, have got my work permit :), it cost 5000 baht, but its obviously only a 3 month one as thats when my visa expires, there is also the possibility of another 2 divemaster courses and 5 open water students. Funds received in my account £405.41, will withdraw from cashpoint for rent (shop / house)

Friday Cleaned the Dive Centre, took me ages and was sweating like a pig, removed as many geckos as I could, they mess everywhere, upstairs was disgusting in the bedrooms and classroom as there was mess everywhere, I now hate geckos !

Sky came with the building owner and asked for a spare key, I said I didnt have one and even if I did I didn’t want anyone having it as I was only a phone call away if they ever needed access, they left kitchen units that they will clean Saturday

Cleaner came and cleaned units (she came at 1130 even though she said she would be here at 10) bit annoying as I got here at 930 to ensure she didnt wait outside, told me the units will be put together on Monday. Cleaned the truck, how do you normally clean it ? I couldnt find any sponges or shampoo anywhere

Bloke came in about the transfer of ownership of the truck, (see email to sonny)

Sunday Beach dive with Vicky (she needs loads to get to her minimum 60 dives, and will try to persuade my  potential divemaster student to come along to see if I can get him signed up for my DM course.

Current Funds
Cash 27500
Bank 13000

For your Interest a special Happy Days update ………….
Aiden’s broken leg was very serious and he had to go to hospital and have a few pins put in it, He came out Friday after being in there 5 days, he went in the government hospital and it cost 40,000 baht, but he said it was good in some respects as he paid for his own private nurse that offered to have ‘pleasure’ with him on his final day ! Thailand is a strange place!

I am still trying and waiting to be able to update the website as its not working, have tried loads of times but never able to update

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