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Adventures of a Dive instructor part 1

Decided to give my diary entries for when I ran a dive center in Phuket between 2006 and 2007, these entries have come from emails I sent (Updating the dive center owner) and my own thoughts / diary entries at the time, there are quite a lot so I expect it will run for a few weeks and give you a few raised eyebrows and laughs, I will add comments where appropriate if I think things need further explanation,

Dive Community Weekly Update (week 1) Monday, May 01, 2006

Thursday – Received a tax demand for 6000 baht it gives 30 days to pay so will pass it onto the lawyer / accountant at the end of the month (got oi to translate it for me) [oi was a thai barmaid that worked in Happy Days, she was caught stealing from the bar owner and sacked, dont know what became of her[

The German diver couple returned regulators and bcds, I cleaned and checked them back into the stockroom

Padi Materials arrived (5 star idc centre + posters and banner (yet another one !)

My padi dvds and scuba diving DVDs  from the UK arrived (took 27 days from the UK to here !!) [Thailand post is not the best but never lost anything during my time receiving or sending mail]

Woman phoned asking for you and told her you were in Germany, no name left

Kitchen was infested with tiny tiny ants so cleaned the gekko poo up and sprayed them with insecticide, seems to have done the trick.

Friday – Website Marketing – I submitted our website  to Dive Index only Saturday and today Dive Index, confirmed our listing (we are top for pacific / thailand / phuket island)

Enquiries about DSD / Open water / Sold Camera 700 baht

Saturday – Responded to enquiries from people on Scubaboard and posted some comments on there regarding the PADI IDC

Printed out a few english powerpoint course adverts for the shop

Arranged with Aaron [happy days bar owner – Very popular Chalong bar for divers and teachers] for 8th March to be the Cousteau / Dive Community night
have printed adverts and put Dive Community sign in Happy Days (behind computer at the moment)  [played a rare Cousteau DVD in a bar for Instructors and Divers to watch]

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