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315 Cavo Greco Avenue, Protaras, Cyprus, 5296.

Joey Ridge – Easy Divers Cyprus

Take your PADI IDC in Cyprus at Easy Divers with Joey Ridge.

Why IDC Cyprus?

Did you know it would be this difficult to make the Right Choice when looking to take your PADI IDC Instructor courses?

Easy Divers Cyprus has the answers to what you looking for in Professional Scuba Instructor Training. Cyprus Padi Course Director Joey A. Ridge will take the stress out of your Padi IDC, making an Easy and Enjoyable Experience!

Do you want to become a PADI Assistant Instructor or a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor? If so, get a head start on the Padi Assistant Instructor course or PADI’s IDC and complete your IDC Online, with the NEW elearning options available or Take the traditional approach to Instructor learning with live IDC lectures with the Padi Course Director.

Easy Divers Cyprus has been the leading dive centre in Cyprus for professional scuba training for the last 5 years. From beginners to Padi Professional, we will take you to where you are to where you want to be, THE TOP!

The PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) is the pinnacle professional-level training in the dive industry. The primary focuses are on preparing you to function as a PADI Assistant Instructor or an Open Water Scuba Instructor. You will be taught the complete PADI System and will further develop your skills and knowledge to teach Padi diving courses as a dive professional scuba educator.

Career change, GAP year, military resettlement or just a lifelong dream, let Easy Divers help you make the change. Taking your Padi IDC with Easy Divers Cyprus will take the hassle out of searching hundreds of website about Padi Scuba Instructor Training; we have the perfect choices for you to take your Padi Instructor Training.

Take a look:

  • Scheduled Padi IDC 5 times yearly– followed directly by a PADI IE!!
  • Accommodation available
  • Padi Marital delivered directly to your home
  • Padi IDC eLearning Options Available
  • Free IDC Prep
  • Small IDC classes – Maximum 5 candidates
  • Computerised Classrooms with Wi-Fi
  • 10 day expanded PADI IDC program
  • IDC & IE Pass Guarantee!!
  • Additional in and out of water workshops
  • Employment Workshop
  • Full support during and after your Instructor Examination
  • 25 Choices of Instructor Continuing Education Courses
  • Low stress and relaxed environment, ten-day PADI IDC in Cyprus.

About PADI Course Director, Joey A. Ridge

When you enrol with Easy Divers Cyprus, Padi Course Director Joey A. Ridge will guide you through your professional training. His experience and professionalism will help you make the right choice!

Joey has been diving over 23 years and has accumulated more than eight thousand dives around the world. Joey is from the United Kingdom, where he started his diving at an early age in the demanding British waters and lakes of England. Having started his diving in the cold waters, it was only until he tried diving warm water that his passion began to grow.

Joey worked in the Greek islands for a few seasons, before he started getting hungry for more new challenges. He tried the waters in the Americas, Asia and Australian Great Barrier Reef for several years, before returning back to Europe. In 1995 Joey moved to Cyprus, where he fell in love with Aphrodite Island of Love and made it his permanent residence until this day.

Joey worked for many dive centres on the East Coast of Cyprus for many years, until he made the decision to open his own diving centre. Easy Divers Cyprus began training scuba divers in the year 2000 and have processed more than 6000 PADI Certification. Padi Course Director Joey A. Ridge had made over a 1000 (course) certifications himself.

Joey says: “to keep a busy diving centre and keep at the cutting edge in the dive industry in Cyprus you need to jump in the deep end and let’s see how deep it really is? Sink or swim!”…

Running the dive centre has made taken Joey into other areas the scuba industry has to offer. Scuba equipment and maintenance is majorly part of our jobs. We dive with equipment and dive cylinders that need to be hydrostatic testing serviced. The heart of the dive school, the diving compressors, requires your tender loving care and maintenance.

Joey is a certified A.S.S.E.T. technician along with many other scuba equipment and compressor manufactures. Professional qualifications held by Joey includes 25 Instructor Specialities, 20 Instructor Trainer and Distinctive Specialties. Not forgetting Emergency First Response Instructor trainer.

Being a dive instructor is the only first step on the ladder to scuba leadership, with a helping hand knowledge and experience from Joey, you will pointing in the right direction when looking for dive employment. He runs employment workshops during your Padi IDC, which is designed to make you the most wanted and valuable dive professional in the industry.

Becoming a Dive Professional is a Life Changing Experience!

“It’s a life transformations yours and those around you. For the love and passion of the sea and the joy and fulfilment on the faces of your students, no wonder I love my job!”
Imagine a Job where you go to work in your shorts and bikinis?

What is the philosophy of your Dive Centre?

Personal, Passionate and committed best describes the service you receive when you dive with Easy Divers Cyprus. We love to dive and share our love of diving, that’s why Easy Divers are considered as one of the top padi dive centres in Protaras and Cyprus for their Padi Instructor Course. High standards, quality service along with safety and fun make an unforgettable diving experience.

Divers from beginners to professionals, benefit from our professional dedicated team of instructors for their underwater scuba adventures. Easy Divers Cyprus has one of the highest ratings of any Padi Dive Centre. Proud to be at this prestigious level, Padi Five Star Instructor Development Centre. This is awarded to progressive PADI Dive Shops that excel in providing scuba divers with a full range of scuba certification programs, scuba gear selection, and scuba diving experience. It offers opportunities as well as meets additional training requirements and PADI Instructor-level training.

Our Padi instructor packages range from the basic Padi IDC all the way through Emergency First Response Instructor, Padi Speciality Instructor, Master Scuba Diver Trainer and Padi Staff Instructor. We can also offer Scuba Instructor Internship Packages from novice to Professional

If your goal is to become a PADI Scuba Instructor, contact Easy Divers Cyprus to find out why 90% of our divemasters come back and take their Padi IDC and Padi Exams. Experience, Equipment and Education best describes our goals.

What is the reason Dive Masters should take their IDC with you?

We aim to make sure you have the most enjoyable yet educational experience possible. Our IDC is designed to lead you into your Instructor Exam (IE) with confidence. Easy Divers Cyprus is proud of our continuing reputation for giving professional quality tuition to all our candidates.
As an Instructor Development Centre we have been recognized by PADI as giving unprecedented customer service not only meeting but exceeding the requirements for you, the divers. We provide a high standard and a professional training environment for your IDC with a fully computerized classroom and WI-FI. We also offer accommodation right above the dive centre and huge discounted equipment to all our divers. As part of our IDC PACKAGE we also start you off with 5 instructor specialties of your choice and the Emergency First Response Instructor. Now you are prepared for the future!

What types of diving do you like the best?

One of the greatest things about diving is the variety. Not just in terms of marine life and the marine environment, but in terms of the different varieties of diving itself, whether it be wreck diving, cave diving, drift diving, night diving, technical diving or any other kind of diving for that matter. One day you can be swimming along a reef wall 30 metres down in the deep blue sea, the next exploring the hidden secrets of a sunken ship. Or going all technical and descending to over a hundred metres to see what lurks in the depths (That’s Way Too Deep For Me!).

What else do you like (non-diving)?

When not diving it is a natural need to stimulate oneself, so this means for me to travel mostly to Asia or when my feet start to itch book a flight to somewhere exotic and chill! But this is short lived as my hobbies include Skydiving, which I am a Certified Jumpmaster and I love flying Private Light Aircrafts with night rating 3 different type rating for different aeroplanes, give me a buzz!

Why do you love being a PADI Course Director?

Being an IDC Course Director in my opinion is a special calling. Unfortunately, not every student will succeed in your class. However, this fact should not keep you from believing that every student has the potential for success. This potential is so exciting – each IDC presents new challenges and new potential successes.

If you have a positive attitude and a sense of humour, you will find things to laugh about each day. Yes it might be trite, but it is true. PADI Course Directors mould the future for each individual Instructor candidate. Let’s Make the Future!

What does the future hold for you?

Easy Divers Cyprus is currently striving to become a RYA Training Centre and Padi CDC, I am aiming to become a platinum course director and the opportunity to work alongside or even train my own in-house Padi Course Director one day.

For the future I will continue to help new Instructor with the IDCs and the Instructor Internship Training process, ensuring success of my students, giving the dive industry professional quality instructors for the next generations of dive professionals.

What do his students think of Joey?

“Joey believed in me and pushed me to realise my full potential. He inspires me. Joey showed me that I can do whatever I want if I put my mind to it. He makes EVERY course fun & exciting; he is outgoing, funny and always has a positive attitude. He is my role model”. Sammi Dunbar. PADI Instructor.

I did my IDC at Easy Divers. I passed the exam 100%. I like to thank Joey for a fantastic time on the IDC, had great fun learning. Joey was great, dead down to earth, and made the course really easy.

Had loads of fun doing the water skills and presentations, met some great people on the course; also the team at Easy Divers was great too, they all made me feel really welcome.

Thanks again guys. If anyone is thinking of doing their IDC in Cyprus, I totally recommend Easy Divers. Jamie Goodridge. PADI Instructor.

The name chosen for the dive shop rings true to its nature- it is Easy Divers; easy going, chilled out, about having fun, but organised and well run at the same time.

IDC Guide Tips

• Regular IDCs – followed directly by a PADI IE!!
• Free IDC Prep
• Small IDC classes – Maximum 5 candidates
• Computerised Classrooms
• 10 day expanded PADI IDC program, more relaxed
• IDC & IE Pass Guarantee!!
• Additional in-water workshops
• Employment Workshop
• Full support during and after your Instructor Examination
• 25 Choices of Instructor Continuing Education Courses
Want to see what goes on during our IDC classes?
Click on the photo to view a photo gallery from a recent IDC class

During the course, and in particular the Dm theory part, I realised that actually this course is quite stressful-or could at least have the potential to be, but with the strong team around me, the stress was not apparent. Joey is an extremely easy going and patient teacher (goodness knows I thought I was really going to test his patience with my fading memory of school physics!)

Now, when I say “easygoing”, he is.. But he does like to test his students- I warn you!- especially in the practical parts of the course! But he makes it fun, and he encourages! Aimee Sturgess Padi Dive Master.

Want to see what goes on during our IDC classes ?

Click on the photo to the right to view a photo gallery from a recent IDC class

Where are we?

Easy Divers Cyprus
Padi Instructor Development Centre
Address: 315 Cavo Greco Avenue, Protaras, Cyprus. 5296

Skype: easydiverscyprus
Facebook: Easy Divers Cyprus
Twitter: easy_divers_cyp
Telephone: 00357 23833662

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