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Student and Diver comments on Georgia King – Go Pro Costa Rica

“If I had to describe the PADI IDC course here at Ocean’s Unlimited with one word, it would be challenging. As the course itself is designed to prepare you for the role of a PADI Instructor, it tests your abilities in the water and the classroom.

At first, when the realization of becoming an instructor hit me I instantly became nervous.

I asked myself, was I ready for this? Knowingly, the Course Director kept reassuring us that we would all do just fine. We were trained and ready to become instructors. Her confidence in our abilities is what kept me calm throughout the IDC and especially the I.E.

She recognized each of our strengths and weaknesses and pushed us to do our best. She was organized, prudent and informative.  Beyond all she made all of us feel at home and comfortable at Ocean’s Unlimited.”

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