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Georgia King

Pacific IDC in Costa Rica with Go Pro Costa Rica




Costa Rica

Georgia King – Pacific IDC in Costa Rica with Go Pro Costa Rica

Take your PADI IDC in the Pacific with Go Pro Costa Rica and PADI Course Director Georgia King. She has been diving for over 12 years around the world with dives numbering more than 4000.

About Georgia

She loves every moment she spends under the ocean both teaching and exploring and continues to discover new things every time she dives.

Her scuba diving travels have taken her from England to Panama, Florida, Honduras, Indonesia and beyond, finally settling in Costa Rica 9 years ago. Since becoming a Course Director she has dedicated much of her time developing the professional and technical dive programs in Costa Rica.

Whilst focusing on Divemaster, Instructor and Technical diving internships, she still continues to teach all levels of training as she likes to keep all of her skills fresh and active with the PADI complete system of training.

This allows her to bring her “real-world” experience and unique scuba diving point of view to all of her Go Pro students, bringing that personalized teaching program to every IDC candidate.

With additional Divemaster and instructor programs including Eco and technical internships being added to the curriculum, Costa Rica is an exciting place to be for your professional scuba career development.

Why Go Pro in Costa Rica?

  • Free IDC Prep and post IDC internship for experience
  • Free Nitrox and O2 provider instructor
  • Small personalized Groups
  • Tec Rec facility and Instructor programs
  • DAN Instructor Courses
  • Job placement and CV assistance
  • Comprehensive and fun schedule
  • Spanish and English Tuition
  • Comprehensive range of Con-ed programs
  • Accommodation and meal packages
  • Scuba and Surf
  • Deptherapy adaptive teaching programs

Georgia’s Diving History?

Georgia’s first underwater bubble blowing experience was in a swimming pool in England when she took a discover scuba program. She enjoyed that feeling, but it wasn’t until she was backpacking through Indonesia, when she decided that enough was enough and would get under the waves and see what she was missing.

Upon taking her first breaths she immediately was hooked and fell in love with the ocean world vowing to become a Divemaster in the future.

After continuing training in England through Rescue diver, diving in Quarries and lakes with her dry suit, the scuba diving life beckoned, as she tried to get every moment she could underwater. After leaving England in 2003 and heading to Roatan, she completed her Divemaster and after gaining experience, moved on to her Instructor training.

A beautiful place to be, but island fever soon hit and she was off to explore new climes and headed south to the jungle and ocean paradise of Costa Rica settling there 9 years ago. After a brief stint in Florida teaching dive masters and assisting on IDCs she became a PADI Course Director 6 years ago and created Go Pro Costa Rica, whose focus is the development of professional and technical scuba diving courses.

Her education as an Instructor trainer has never stopped, and with over 25 specialty instructor and instructor trainer ratings she strives to bring a full spectrum of experience and training to the internships at Go Pro teaching programs that encompass all aspects of the dive world, preparing students to be valuable members of the dive industry with exciting careers ahead.

Facilities of your Costa Rica IDC

Go Pro Costa Rica is based at Oceans Unlimited Dive Center in Costa Rica, on the edge of Manuel Antonio National Park. It has a full service recreational and technical dive center with an onsite pool, large multimedia classroom, equipment servicing facilities, changing areas, showers and retail shop. The open water facilities are just 10 minutes’ drive to the Marina with dive sites around the National Park. They are located 5 minutes’ walk from down town Quepos with all of its modern amenities and 10 minutes bus ride to M

Georgia’s Philosophy

Every Student diver is unique and as such has their own individual needs.  With our dedicated professional development team we like to make sure that we teach personalized programs to accommodate everybody.

What is different about Go Pro Costa Rica

We like to train for the real world, bringing in every aspect of the dive industry to our internships, whether it is equipment servicing workshops, resort training, or environmental work. With Costa Rica as an Eco destination, we have recently developed a Divemaster and IDC program whose focus is on conservation activities and development.

Funny stories

Every IDC program has different characters which allow for a fun packed program every time!

Favourite type of diving

Technical, self sufficient.

Non-diving passion

Costa Rica is an incredible place to continue to explore and I love traveling both here and abroad when I can. Whilst here, I love relaxing above the waves on my surfboard or hiking the jungle trails.

What do his IDC students think of Georgia?

Have a look at Georgia’s Student comments

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